Wednesday, May 02, 2007

What'd I Do Now?

If you look at my blog entry just below this one, you'll see some discrepancies - like in the way it is lined up. What the heck caused that, I have no idea!
I typed the meme up as a WORD document, then pasted it in to the blog. But, when I did that and hit publish, I realized I had forgotten to tag anyone so I pulled it up to edit it and when I did, it came up somewhat discombobulated then. Extra spaces between the lines and the last -#10 entry -was in bold, ultra large (and I do mean ultra-large) font!
So I monkeyed around, trying to get it all to line up, in the same font, same non-bold, etc. and it appeared in the "draft" form then to be okay so I hit publish again and what you see below is what it presented me with and I have no clue why it rearranged things that way!
Sometimes, computers and software and such really frustrate me!

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TomCat said...

You evidently pasted some programming code into a message. Those are conditional execution statements.