Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The "Bababawoon Tree"

Some days, I wonder - really and truly wonder - what on earth I did for entertainment before my little Princess arrived here in my life!
The things she does and says frequently amaze me and, as often as not, often really amuse me and her mother too. Even when she is on the verge of going into a massive -or potentially massive -meltdown with a tantrum that could end all, some of her responses then, which usually are totally illogical just come out so doggone comical that you can't help but sit back and crack up laughing at her. And, every now and again, if you start laughing at her rants, sometimes it changes her mood fairly quickly and she comes out of the tirade syndrome relatively quickly then too.
Today though, the therapist was showing her a book with pictures of different things, most of which had the "MMM" sound in the word -either at the beginning or at the end - as she has a lot of difficulty differentiating between the MMM and NNN sounds.
And as they were going through this little book, there was a picture of a tree with fruits on it - but it was a tree and fruit she had never seen before, probably never heard of the word "Plum" as yet so, obviously, Maya had no idea what kind of tree or fruit this was.
After closely studying this tree and fruit, she told the therapist it was a "bababawoon tree"and the therapist was stumped then as to what she was saying. Finally, her Mom -Mandy -figured it out -she was calling it a "balloon" tree! Now, how appropriate a response was that for a kid who is only three years old and never seen a plum before in her life but to call that fruit a "bababawoon."
At supper tonight, her other two half-siblings were here and we were all talking around the table about a little bit of most everything - the normal type conversation you know - when all of a sudden, out of the blue, Maya began moving her arms and hands in a sort of wave-type movement - a bit like the kind one would see in a Hawaiian Hula dance of something of that nature, except she was waving them a bit faster and the whole time, was saying "Doctor, Doctor." Which just made me think of a song - done by who I have no clue "Doctor, doctor, gimme the news" -if that gives anyone the inspiration of what song I'm referring to please let me know the name and artist) and just the way she was moving and saying that, well I suppose it loses in the translation here in writing but it was so darned cute and funny and we all just roared laughing at her antics there.
After supper, while the three older kids went with their Dad up to my son's house to help him with some projects he' s been working on up there, Mandy and I took the two little ones for a walk. With Kurtis in the stroller and he's kicking up a storm - that boy is going to have pedal power like you won't believe if he keeps up at the rate he's going at now -and Maya walking with us, holding my hand or her Mom's hand and jabbering all the while, pointing to things, naming them, stopping to visit our friend up the street, Cynthia and her dogs, seeing an elderly neighbor futher up the road out on her porch in her wheelchair for the first time in maybe two years since she fell and broke her hip, then on over to the street where Maya's grandfather - her Dad's dad - lives so she could visit a little bit with old Pappy then too. It was good for both kids - the fresh air, the walk for Maya and it was good for me too that I managed to get a tiny bit of physical activity into my routine for a change. But, seeing the lady up at the intersection, out on her porch for the first time in a long, long time, now that made the whole little walk thing very much worthwhile! It's been a long, hard haul for Helen to get to this point where she is back home again after spending a whole lot of time in a nursing home, and to see that she recognized both Mandy and me too! Just from the big, broad smile on her face, you could see how much she was enjoying the mild temperature today and being able to be outside for a change.
At one point during our walk, a car was coming up behind us and we moved over to the side of the road, stopping till it went by but instead, the driver of the car stopped to chat a bit with us too. It was our neighbor, Jodi, from down at the other end of our street. She's a sweet young woman, very friendly, always has a smile and wave if she can't stop and chat a bit. But tonight, she and her son apparently weren't in a hurry and so, she stopped to talk to Mandy and me and to pay some attention to both Maya and Kurtis.
But the main reason she stopped was it seems she was still chuckling about having seen me, on Mother's Day, riding on the motorcycle with me son that day! And, I told her if she thought it was a sight to see me riding on that bike, it's a shame she wasn't around up at the house to see what we had to go through - dragging a step-stool out to the road for me to stand on -because I didn't have enough strenght, my leg joint was way to tight to lift my leg up and over the seat on the bike in order to just get on it in the first place! Yes folks, photos will be coming in the near future - provided they turned out ok - so you can see, first hand then, the entire process of me, trying to get up on a motorcycle! Boy, talk about really feeling your age! That was one day when I definitely felt OLD! A lot decrepit too, come to think of it!
And now, because I am feeling really full of myself tonight, proud as a peacock because I am posting now and putting in the Bushism for the day - for tomorrow, that is, slightly in advance. Hard to believe isn't it? It's my own meager offering to try to get myself a little better organized, a little better "on time" about things. Who knows, maybe it will set a precedence for me. Never can tell there, can you?

So now, here's the Bushism for Thursday, May 24, 2007
"The most important job is not to be governor, or first lady, in my case." -Pella, Iowa, as quoted in the San Antonio Express-News; January 30, 2000.


Anonymous said...

Remember when spending time after dinner walking through the neighbourhood and being "neighbourly" was the norm and not just 'on a whim'?

Can't wait to see pictures of that motorcycle incident:-)

PS-The only portion of that song that I know is, "Doctor, Doctor, give me the news I got a strange case of loving you"

Debo Blue

lattégirl said...

Robert Palmer did perhaps the best-known version of that song. I don't know if he wrote it or not, or if other artists did versions, as well.

The lyrics that follow what Debo Blue wrote are, "No pill's gonna cure my head, I gotta bad case of loving you."