Friday, May 04, 2007

And the Point Is?

Before I begin, let me state first off that when reading my blog, please keep an open mind and try to understand what I am posting here. The point of that sentence is mainly because recently I learned some people were upset with some statements I made which were intended to be read the same way I frequently talk -which is usually with a high level of sarcasm. I don't write this with any intent to slam anyone and generally, if it does appear I am "slamming" someone in some manner or other, if you read closely, you should be able to see it is being geared towards myself, not others. So keep in mind a lot of things I post are pretty much "tongue in cheek" and not intended to be otherwise.

Anyone who has been reading my blog for any length of time too also should be aware by now that my sweet little princess, Miss Maya, has some, shall we say, "Issues." She was diagnosed two years ago as having developmental delays and is receiving therapy from two really great therapists - one for behavior/play and the other for speech - and she is doing really great as a result of that. However, there are also other issues or symptoms that could possibly be markers for autism but she has not yet been evaluated for that. Next week, the evaluation for that disorder will begin. And, my daughter and I have learned through various sources that some people who have read my blog feel it is terrible that I have, in essence, "outed" Maya and her problem areas. One question that was asked was to the effect of how could we come forward to the general public and pretty much announce that Maya is "disabled?" Excuse me? How dare you - whoever it is who feels this way - accuse us of doing anything detrimental towards this precious little girl?

In this instance, this particular part of my post today, it may sound like I am "taking back water" from my first paragraph above - about not deliberately 'slamming' anyone, but this is not meant to slam but rather to explain something. People who think children who have any type of issues -whether they be physical challenges or mental or behaviorial, etc., - need to step back and take a closer look around themselves at their base attitude. And this applies especially to people who regard those who have mental or emotional challenges as being of a caliber that they should apparently be closeted, hidden away from society. Makes it seem that those people are not worthy of being accepted by society as a whole then. And, also makes me understand even more what my aunt often said about her daughter, my cousin, who is severely mentally and physically challenged and how many people wouldn't even look at my cousin almost for fear that her challenges, her issues, would be contagious and rub off on them. My little princess is a challenge often for us living with her at times, yes indeed she is, because she doesn't comprehend things the same way as other children her age often do but that does not mean she in incapable of learning, of doing, of behaving in a certain manner - just that it will take more time, lots more work with her through the therapists and lots more patience from us here too in trying to help her learn. But, she is a very bright little girl overall, is such a little sweetheart too, pretty as can be and yes, she is MY little princess, every inch of the way and the last thing I am is embarrassed or ashamed of her -nor are her parents or her siblings either - and no, she won't be shut away, led to think she is not a perfectly acceptable member of society now - or ever! Okay - that's been eating away at me for quite a while now and I'm glad I got it off my chest.

On to other things, hopefully in another vein too.

I had to laugh today, while reading my "favorite blogs" when I went to comment on one. Now, I have often cautioned folks when they go to read Meloncutter's Musings , Dooce or even Bob Johnson's Letters I Wish I'd Sent to proceed with caution and have also gone so far as to instruct others NOT to read those while trying to eat or drink ANYTHING as it can cause either choking or a big mess to have to clean up on your computer keyboard, desk or monitor from laughing at some of their commentary. But gee, until today I'd never had anyone say that they should be sure to HAVE something handy to drink while reading MY blog! Yeah, Debo - I know, I admit being very guilty all too often of being very long-winded in my posts! And no offense was taken by your comment there as it gave me a good little chuckle to myself when I read it.

Today, in my quest to try to get somethings done here, I'm pleased as punch to announce I have accomplished three very important things thus far today. First, I got the navy scarf (with silver sparklies in it) finished, second - I got the china cabinet cleaned out and reorganized and third, the reason for the cleaning of the china cabinet was because I was on a "search and destroy" mission to find the presser foot for my sewing machine which my little princess had removed, I had found, had thought I had "hidden" it from her by putting on top of my hard drive (which she can't reach) but it had disappeared from that place. (I kind of need that presser foot in order to start sewing the twenty some bibs I now have neck openings cut in towels to attach rib trim collars there.) And, lo and behold, the "search and destroy" mission paid off too in that within the first five minutes of taking stuff out and wiping it down, etc., I had found the presser foot safely ensconced in a cup (part of my cup collection) in the china cupboard!

So, you know the old saying "All's well that ends well" and that's my theory for today!

And, with that in mind - here's my ending for today too - the Bushism's for today and also, for the weekend. (Which to answer Sylvia's question about where do I find all these quotes from the DUBYA, I have a desk calendar which has a different quotation of his on it for every day of the year that my daughter gave me for Christmas.)

Friday, May 4, 2007
"Didn't we already give them a break at the top?" - To economic advisers urging the elimination of taxes on dividens, as quoted by Secretary of the Treasury Paul O'Neill; Washington, D.C.; November 26, 2002.

and for Saturday and Sunday - May 5/6, 2007
"By the way, we rank tenth amongst the industrialized world in broadband technology and its availability. That's not good enough for America. Tenth is ten spots too low as far as I'm concerned." - Minneapolis, Minnesota; April 26, 2004

Have a great weekend now ya'll!


mikecook said...

As the uncle of a developmentally delayed nephew I couldn't agree with you more.

lattégirl said...

As the mother of a boy with ADD, I applaud you.

And to the meddlesome, a nice big flip of the bird.

Dooce: I adore Dooce. I wish I could write like Dooce!

Paula said...

I love how you write about your little princess. You talk openly about who Mia is, and that is a sweet adorable little girl. Who of us don't have some kind of disability somewhere in our family? I have a nephew with slight autism who has grown into the most wonderful teenager.
It's your blog and your life. Say what you want and the others can take a flying leap...

TomCat said...

Jeni, I've been reading your blog for some time, and I find your honest and open approach to be most refreshing. The only person I have ever seen you "out" is GW Bush. We would all be better off had that been done in 2000.

Henri de Montmorency said...

I was born a hump back and had to live my life "disabled" until my untimely death when I was hanged for saying what I believed in, even though it wasn't a popular thing to say in those times. I never had the chance to see what it was like not to be disabled until my death in 1632, but no matter what kind of disability we have, we are all God's children.