Friday, May 18, 2007

It's Happening -Again!

Dang! Here I go again! I start out with the best of intentions and somehow or other, end up running way behind in my projected "timetable" for the day! Darned good thing I posted the Bushism last night (or early this morning) for both yesterday (Wednesday) and today (THursday) then or I'd be way late getting Thursday's Bushism in here now wouldn't I?
And just exactly what did I do with my very valuable time anyway that makes me so far behind?
Damned if I know!
I did get behind this week because I didn't read any of my favorite blogs on Monday -none at all. Plus, I was a little behind from Sunday on the readings too and from there - well, it all apparently has done that "mushroom" thing cause now, although I think I am almost caught up with my regular blog reads, I'm still behind on reading those I just have bookmarked -not yet added to my blog list - and oh geez, I am just getting way too slow about EVERYTHING it seems these days.
Maybe my problem is one my friend Sylvia - over here - has been writing about - I'm getting old and it's, well it's just what it is -because!
But at times, I must confess it does suck - big time - this aging process. My mind tells me I can do this, that, some other things and I think, yep, sure I can until I start trying to re-organize my lovely undisciplined lifestyle and find no, I can't quite operate that way. Too doggone many variable it seems that crop up and totally do me in.
Like today - I'm still stiff and sore from the little bit of work I tried to do yesterday in an effort to help my daughter out a bit around here. I swept and mopped up the floors in all of the downstairs of this old house - kitchen, dining room, living room and the entrance way to what used to be the sunporch. By the time I had finished all that, the lower back was aching like toothache and it still on the stiff and sore side today. Well, for as long as the clean floor lasted though, I was happy I'd been able to do that much to give a little bit of a helping hand.
Seems my son and son-in-law are both on a roll this week with the local police though.
Tonight, my daughter told me the son-in-law got pulled over here in town for driving this old motorcycle he acquired from some place (heaven only knows who he finagled it from) but it has no license on it, no registration, no insurance - all those good things - and he is just darned lucky he knows the local cop because the guy just gave him a warning.
Tonight though, my son was on his way home from work -from their Harrisburg terminal -and in a hurry to get home because he wanted to take a bath -said he really needed it after being on the road for the past three days - and he got pulled over in a nearby town to ours by the same local cop, no less.
When the cop asked where he was going in a hurry, he told him he wanted to get home fast because he very much needed to go to the bathroom - which sonny boy said was actually the TRUTH of the matter too - and the cop took his papers, etc., took his sweet old time with them too and when he brought them back to my son, he had written him up for not having signed his registration card - which at least is a non-moving motor violation so he won't get any points against his license anyway.
His sister, after listening to "sonny boy" tell about this whole episode told him what he should have done was while the cop was looking over his license, registration, etc., she said he should have conjured up one of those big fat, really smelly things he manages to get to materialize on command (and which Melloncutter frequently talks about on his blog too -so you'll have to go check out Melloncutter's blog to verify what I am referring to) and that way, the cop would have know for sure he wasn't lying to him about being in a hurry to get home and use the bathroom!
So much for that story - on to other things!
What other things? Darned if I know. I had some things in mind at different intervals today that I thought would make for a neat and nifty -or even thoughtful -post tonight and now, here it is almost 12:30 a.m. (Friday morning, already) and I'm rapidly drifting off into that braindead land where I can't think of a single thing that is really of interest in my life today!
And that, my friends, really is downright depressing!
So I'm gonna leave you for another night/morning -whatever it is wherever you are now -with the Bushism of the day for Friday, April 18, 2007 .

"I want everybody to hear loud and clear that I'm going to be the president of everybody." - Washington, D.C.; january 18, 2001.

Well, all right then! Now that that is settled for once and for all, DUBYA!


TomCat said...

Everybody includes, the US, Iraq, Venezuela, etc?

Jeni, I think you may be trying to fit two pounds of sand in a one pound bag. :-)

Linda said...

I can truly sympathize on the "getting behind" aspect of things. Seems like I started sliding behind last week and have continued on down that slippery slope this week, too!

Funny how once you get behind on the blogs you like to read it takes so much longer to catch up! Sigh ... I really need some more hours in the day!

Vic Grace said...

Sympathize with your son, a very uncomfortable situation. I am impressed Jeni that you always have something to say. I have been suffering from bloggers block for a long time and I know if I want to keep the blog alive I have to write.

Anyway I have been tagged so I have passed this dubious honour on to you, check my blog in the regard if you are willing to complete this mission