Wednesday, May 02, 2007

"Ten Things" Meme

My "Blogger Bud, Mau" from up in Toronto way tagged me for the "Ten Things You Don't Know About Me" meme today. I'm usually really crappy about memes like this - can never think of anything about me that is really strange or odd - other than my whole self and I'm not sure that would qualify cause that would only be one thing.

But, I decided, what the heck - give it a try and here's what I came up with today.

Ten Things About Me You Don't Know:
1. I prefer to eat jello with mayonnaise on it instead of whipped cream.
2. Although I’m not as bad now about this, when I was a kid, I hated (was terrified) to ride over a bridge, especially high and/or long bridges. The Grand Island Bridge going into Niagara Falls, NY used to totally freak me out and I would lay down on the floor of the car till we were over it. Chesapeake Bar bridge still gives me a complex of sorts and scares me.
3. I dislike snakes immensely –actually, I am terrified of ANY snakes.

4. Although my vocabulary can be quite colorful at times, the worst word I used till I was over 18 years old was S**t and then, I would say it in Swedish so no one else knew I was swearing.

5. I learned to drive when I was about 8 years old and when I was 11, I drove my Mom’s car by myself, without her knowledge at the time, up the road past our house a distance about ½ mile in first gear all the way cause I couldn’t reach the clutch and still see out the windshield. Mom was NOT happy, NOT AT ALL!

6. Because of the little driving episode, my Mom refused to sign for me to get my driver’s license permit when I turned 16 and had to wait till I was 18 to get it on my own.

7. When I took my driver’s test, I flunked everything but the three swing turn the first time mainly because of the clutch in Mom’s old car which was going bad but she didn’t realize it until it burned out at the old high school one night when I was practicing driving and got the car stuck in the snow and Mom insisted that she would get the car out by “rocking” it out. Yeah, that smell around the car was the clutch burning!

8. When I was in high school and took typing for a year, I was the fastest typist in the class – 96 wpm –until they took away my errors and it dropped my speed down to about 62 wpm. Today, with a computer keyboard I generally average about 78 wpm with maybe 1-2 errors, thanks to the ability to backspace and not get penalized for it!

9. For as long as I could remember, until November of my senior year in high school, I wanted to be a Registered Nurse, like my Mom. Then I decided I wanted to go to college and be a teacher.

10. It took me 32 years after I graduated from high school to figure out a way to go to college and when I got my degree, it was in Rehabilitation Education – which I’ve never really ever been able to use in an employment setting cause I only had a B.S. and most places want people to have a master’s to do counseling work.I'm supposed to tag five people now to do this MEME thing - hmmm, wonder who I should tag? You know -I think I'll just tag everyone who happens by and reads this thing. Yeah, I know - ducking out on responsibility, aren't I?

And now - the Bushism for the day - while I'm making a post, may as well throw this gem in here and now, huh?

Wednesday, May 2, 2007
"I repeat, personal accounts do not permanently fix the solution." - Washington, D.C.; March 16, 2005


Vic Grace said...

Don't know what happened to your post as far as spacing goes. It does seem these memes bring readers though. Won't promise to be tagged.

lattégirl said...

Mau tagged me, too, but I'm a day late in my blogging duties...

Sylvia said...

I use Word to write my post and at times when I paste them in blogger it is a real mess. I go back to Word and remove formatting and repaste and that seems to help.

masgblog said...

thanks for playing did good...I hope others play as well.....

mayo on your jello????