Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Something Wrong Here!

Boy, I do hate it when things go slightly awry with my computer! Really and truly I do!

And that's the case here tonight where I'm in need of opening a couple different files in "My Documents" and I can't get the computer to open any of them!

This all started when a cousin of mine wrote and asked me for the home addresses for three of our mutual cousins. She figured I had their current addresses because I was the one who always wrote the family newsletter every summer about our family reunion we used to have and then would send this newsletter to every one who I had an address for -and I had a bundle of 'em too, I might add.

I've never had this kind of problem with my computer before! So what the heck gives now?

One of the address files is saved as a Word document and two others are saved as Open Office -which is supposed to open virtually anything -but for some reason or other, I can't even get Open Office to open a new document for me either tonight! Just very frustrating.

I hope to heck this isn't an omen of pending disaster that might send me to look for information on new desktop computers!

I've only had this particular computer for about three years now and it's got plenty of features that are all still in fine shape, as computers go, ya know so I would really hate to have to go shopping for a new unit!

That would be just what I really DON'T need at this point in time, for sure!


Lori said...

Computor issues make my head hurt. Thankfully I have a brother that is a computor tech so he helps me whenever I call him freaking out. :) I hope this resolves itself and that you don't have to buy a new computor!(even though that might be kind of fun :) XX

Murr Brewster said...

Computers break your head just before they break your heart. Your documents have been taken hostage and you can't afford the ransom. It's hell.

Suldog said...

I know as much about computers as a nun might about sex. I know you plug something in and then some sort of magic happens.

CiCi said...

My computer has been in the hospital at the Apple store in Omaha the past several days. We just brought the computer home today so right now is my first time to use the repaired computer. Had to get a new hard drive. While we were at it, we each got new keyboards and I also got a new mouse. I am so rockin' right now. Hubby said I was having separation anxiety without my computer. I agree.

Berni said...

Can't believe it is three years since you got that computer it seems not long ago we were discussing the purchase.

Can't help you with your problem from here but just a suggestion for the future I use Evernote to keep all information I don't want to lose so if my computer crashes I still have access to all my stuff online and can download it again if I wish. Or you can upload to Google docs to keep a copy of file online. There are lots of different ways to keep a copy in case you can't open a file.

Travis Cody said...

I hate it when something mysteriously goes wrong. Of course, I'm such a tech idjit that most computer problems are very mysterious anyway.