Saturday, December 04, 2010

Fat Cat!

Our cat, Fluffnuts, is turning into quite the big, furry beast!

He was a year old in October and though he does still play from time to time with Sammy, those activities have lessened a good bit over the past few months.

As cats are known to be, he is one very independent gentleman cat.

But I thought it would be interesting to show you how he looks these days.

I took these pictures of him the other night as he was curled up in a big ball under the Christmas tree. Fluffnuts, the big guardian of the tree, ya know.

Here he is -still under the tree -but he lifted up his head I guess to let me know (judging by the really alert look on his face) that he wasn't all too happy about my disturbing his sleep.

But looking at him, and how big he's grown, if this growth keeps up, I'm gonna have to be looking for the safest diet pills that work, I think! I wonder if they make things like that for cats anyway.

I haven't weighed him but he is one big load, that's for sure! If I didn't know better, I'd think he has a lot of Maine Coon Cat in him -sure is darned near big enough to qualify for that breed I think.

But he's a good old cat -a great hunter who frequently deposits "gifts" on our front door step too. Not necessarily the kind of presents I like to receive but in his world, one has to realize mice and gophers and other little animals like that represent the equivalent to a bit of gold to him.


Berni said...

He's a beauty. My cat used to bring me spiders and snakes. I suppose it is an act of cat love.

Maggie May said...

He is a large cat! He seems a fine specimen though.
Now how did he get a name like that..... (No don't tell me!)
Maggie X

Nuts in May

terri said...

He's adorable! And he's definitely a big guy. Makes me realize how little my Tigger is.

Travis Cody said...

My Mr Tucker topped out at about 22lbs at his heaviest. But even so, he didn't seem all that fat. He's always been just a large cat.

He's looking fine now though after all his health issues. He's maintaining a healthy weight and is more active than he's been in awhile.

I guess it's just about the individual personality and body type of the with humans.

Linda said...

I guess by comparison, Tesla is a small cat though I was noticing today that he's definitely gotten bigger.

I'm hoping that once I get around to putting up a Christmas tree, he'll lay nicely under it, too, rather than try to scale it like Mount Everest but I'm thinking that may not be the case! He is most definitely trouble!