Thursday, January 16, 2014

Rush Job!

A couple of days ago, my neighbor and best friend, stopped by my house with a few things she needed to share with me.

One of the things she had on her mind was that she wanted to know if I could do up a special "sign-up" sheet to be placed in the Narthex at our church this Sunday. She thought I had done one like what they needed last year and I wasn't sure but I thought she was right. So I told her I would check my files and see if I had done one of these last year and if so, all I'd maybe need to do with this would be to change the date on it because it looked like we were asking for the same items again this year.

The sign-up sheet is for little packages we used to send out in early fall to kids from our church who are attending college -little "care packages" for the kids. These boxes will contain a bunch of different things from packets of cheese and crackers, to microwaveable popcorn packs, microwavable packs of mac'n'cheese, hot chocolate, chewing gum, little notepads, pens, pencils, ramen noodles, candies and even a deck of cards.

I checked my files and found that yes, I had done up the list last year but when I went to fix it up for this year, I realized I had to re-do the whole darned thing.

Seems that last year, we apparently only had four kids from our church who were attending college but this year, the list had expanded considerably as we now had seven kids to make up "care packages" for each one of 'em.

What's so difficult about doing that, you ask? Well, nothing really except that each item we were requesting to be donated needed to have seven lines under it to allow people to sign up for enough of the items we needed. And that meant expanding the size of my list considerably.

I puttered and puttered around with it -trying to figure out how to lay out the items on the list to make room for all the extra lines I needed and before you know it, I had myself somewhat confused. (That's not really a difficult thing to do, ya know -get me confused.) But anyway, I was getting rather frustrated and rattled by the whole thing and was beginning to think I might need to do something really drastic like finding a printing shop in New York in order to get this whole darned thing to gel for me.  Okay -that's more than a bit of an exaggeration but suffice it to say, I was frustrated that I couldn't get it to jive the way I wanted it to do!

But, finally, I figured out a way to get it all in there and printed out, it only takes two sheets of paper which we can easily tape together to make it one big sheet! And all I had to do -simple task that this was and why it was escaping my logic factors, I don't know -was to change the layout from portrait to landscape!

Now, what can be easier than that?


Maggie May said...

Thank Goodness you figured it out. I would probably have been stumped.
Hope you get lots of volunteers.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

terri said...

What a great project to make those college-bound kids feel less homesick when they get there! Glad you got the sign-up sheet figured out.