Monday, January 13, 2014

Maybe I Should Learn About Skype?

I forgot to write about a funny little episode that happened here over the Christmas break so while it's on my mind, I best get it down in writing here or I'll forget completely about this story!

 Mandy and the grandkids (Maya and Kurtis) came up from Middletown on Christmas Day and we had our "Christmas" then and Mandy returned to her home then the next day but left Maya and Kurt here with me until Monday before New Year's Eve. Gave Grammy a little extra fun time with the kids here that way and I really did enjoy their company very, very much.

Well, to tell you this story, I have to back up -timewise -to Thanksgiving when the kids were here for a longer visit that we had initially planned. They had come up the weekend just prior to Thanksgiving and I was to take them halfway home that Sunday but the weather turned a bit nasty and since they only had two days of school left that week before Thanksgiving, Mandy decided to just let them spend the entire week then here with me. All was going fairly smoothly that week until I realized Kurtis has been messing in my Avon bag and opening some of the demo items I had in there -mainly two children's watches I had purchased to demo with the intent of giving one of them to him for Christmas and hopefully, getting a sale of the other watch then. Well, I ended up giving him both watches because in opening the packages he broke the boxes and thus, I couldn't sell them. Okay -I gave him the one watch that weekend but kept the other behind and gave it to him for Christmas then.

The one I gave him then at Christmas is called the Superman Projection Watch and it's neat little watch -digital -and has a button on the left side of the face that if you aim this little lens type thing on the right side of the face of the watch at a flat surface and then, push the button on the left side, it will project a color picture on a wall or whatever surface you've aimed this at, of Superman in flight.

Well, apparently it took Kurtis from Christmas Day -when he opened his presents -til the Sunday, the day before the kids were to leave, to discover the capabilities of this watch -to be able to see this cool picture of Superman. And that Sunday night, Mandy called her to talk to me and also to the kids so I called Kurtis to come to the phone.

Unbeknownst to me, he had just discovered this projector thing on that watch and was super excited about it when he took the phone receiver from me as he began almost shouting over the receiver to his Mom about this neat thing, this watch and this picture and then, he held the receiver out a ways from his face, pointed this watch-projector thing at the receiver and pressed the other button to make the picture appear at the same time he then began to ask his Mom if she could see that? And over and over he kept on asking her "Can you see that now, Mommy? It's Superman! Isn't that great?"

 Meanwhile when I realized what it was he was trying to do, I sat there totally cracking up laughing! When I finally got the phone back and Mandy asked me what in blazes was he trying to say and I told her, she was laughing then too and all she could say was "Oh my goodness!" It was just too doggone funny for words.

I had to explain to him that I don't have Skype nor do I have phonovision either and the look he gave me when I told him that was like "Surely you jest?"

Kids! The things they do sure can create a lot of laughter in life though, can't they?


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terri said...

What a funny little guy! Those are some of the best stages of childhood, when the kids aren't "experts" at the world around them and do cute things like Kurt did on the phone.