Sunday, January 19, 2014


I don't usually dream all that much once I fall asleep, but when I do, it seems they are always nightmares.

And furthermore, they are also always nightmares about me being a waitress again, back at the truckstop where I worked for 7 years a little over 25 years ago now.

The funny thing about these nightmares is that when I was actually working there, I never had dreams much less nightmares about the darned place. But now, when they come on, inevitably it is pretty much the same scenario with me working in one of the sections that were -back in the day -usually the busiest sections and drivers and/or customers would be coming in to the place, in droves, parking at my tables and clamoring for me to get them coffee and get it to them yesterday, ya know.

Inevitably too, these customers would head straight to a table that had just been vacated and not yet cleaned off and reset and they would park there -thinking apparently that they would get faster service by doing that or that it made it easier on the waitress to sit at an unclean table. Nothing could be farther from the truth than believing either of those things is true! Plus, most waitresses (at least the ones I knew and myself included in this) hate it when people land at dirty tables!

But anyway, I was, in this latest nightmare, extremely stressed out, trying to get coffee and ice water to people and take their orders when the first major problem in the nightmare showed up. That was that I couldn't find any pads with which to write customers orders on 'em -minor triviality, I know -but all I could find were stacks and stacks of customer order pads but all of those sheets in them had already been used for someone else's orders so how could you write a new order on there and expect the cook to know which items he'd already fixed and which were new orders? Go figure the logic out on that deal, huh?

Then, the dishwasher was really slow so I kept running out of coffee cups, water glasses and silverware and when there would be more available, the other girls I was working with were just standing in a corner gabbing and not helping by carrying any stuff into the dining room.

I got into an argument with the lady who owned the place over changing a tablecloth on a table because she felt I had used the wrong tablecloth and I was angry because it wasn't even my table to begin with so why in blazes was I changing that tablecloth in the first place?

When I woke up Friday morning after this nightmare finally came to an end, I was exhausted -more tired then than I was before I had gone to bed and all from all the stress in this stupid nightmare!

I felt like I'd been run over by a bulldozer, ya know!

I don't have these dreams all the time -or all that terribly frequently either (thank goodness) but believe me when I say this, even if the work I'm doing in these dreams seems to be going fairly smoothly, dreaming about being back there and waitressing again -well that is truly a nightmare!

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