Monday, January 20, 2014


My memory -especially my short term one -is really faulty these days. I can remember all kinds of stuff that happened years and years ago almost as clearly as if it had happened yesterday, but things that happened recently or that I was supposed to remember an appointment here or there - little things, big things, it doesn't seem to matter because I seem to be bound to forget about them no matter what I try to do to remember.

I have a calendar hanging on the wall, near to my computer (which is good, you would think, because I do spend a good deal of time playing on the computer) and I mark on the calendar appointments I have coming up. This week, I have two appointments -one on Wednesday at 2 p.m. and the other on Thursday at 1 p.m. Both are quite important so I do hope that the mind cooperates and keeps me remembering about these two appointments this week now, at least.

Silly things that I should remember easily, with no problems though tend to give me the most difficulty. Probably because I haven't linked them to something else to remind me I need to do this or that or some other thing, ya know.

Take tonight for instance -I had planned to take the dog out fairly early tonight so that I might be able to relax earlier and go to bed but of course, that changed because I got engrossed in my new embroidery project I just started last night. I got so carried away with doing the needlework stuff that I forgot all about walking Sam until 1 a.m. when it dawned on me. If I don't want to wake up to some messes on the floor, best get the boots and coat on, the leash and flashlight and take him for a quick stroll.

The nice thing about walking Sam tonight though was how pretty it was with the moonlight tonight. Cold -oh my yes, but not horrendous -just a nice nip in the air really. But the moon was so pretty -very clear, no hazy stuff around it the way it was last night.

But the best thing about the moon tonight was that it reminded me of something totally unrelated to moonlight and such and that was something my son had asked me to do for him that had completely slipped my mind!

He's always interested in so many different things -things about which I haven't clue one, really and most of the time, his interests are about cars, old volkswagons in particular. And I know nothing about cars but sometimes he will call me and ask me to look up stuff about this or that kind of car and then, call him back and tell him about it or link the information to him as he can go on line then when he's able and read what I looked up for him.

Lately though, he's been talking a lot about musical instruments and guitars in particular -another subject about which I am totally clueless too.  Yesterday, he had asked me to please look up this an acoustic guitar for him. I have no idea in the world why he is checking out this stuff -maybe he wants to get his girlfriend a guitar for Valentine's Day or something like that. Who knows.

But that this popped into my head that I was supposed to do a search for this stuff for him and had forgotten about that until my way-late walk with the dog in the beautiful moonlight, now that I really don't understand.

Maybe it was the color of the sky around the moon that made me think of the color purple and perhaps even soft, sweet guitar music in the background was in the back of my mind. Who knows, I sure don't!

But whatever or however it triggered my remembering this -well, my son has the moonlight to thank for that!

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