Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cool Winter Moon!

Just got back in the house from taking the mutt -Sammy -out for a midnight stroll. Hopefully, this will avert any issues come morning then of clean-ups that I don't particularly like to find needed as soon as I get my feet on the floor and out of bed!

When Sam and I went out tonight though, the very first thing I noticed was how beautiful the night is with the moonlight shining so bright! Just perfect lighting for a midnight stroll. The temperatures were decent enough too that one didn't have to worry about any digits getting frostbite and that's a big bonus here for the way this month has been.

A blogger friend of mine though had mentioned in her post today about how, last night, as she and her son shoveled out their driveway up in Minneapolis (from yet another snowfall) she happened to notice the moon there, shining through what looked to be a bit of a haze from the photo she took of it. I'm sorry I didn't run back in the house and take a picture of the moon here tonight but for some reason, my little camera doesn't do good photos taken in the dark -even with the darned flash attachment! Frustrating at times but what the heck are  ya gonna do about that anyway?

But looking at the moon here, thinking about blogger Terri's post and how she had waxed sentimental about the moon over Minneapolis, the moonlight here triggered some thoughts then in me too.

Not quite the same as Terri's -granted -but some thoughts, all the same.

I don't know exactly what tunes anyone else would like to hear but I was just thinking about maybe Patsy Cline singing I Go Out Walking After Midnight would be pretty appropriate for a late night, moonlit walk, for Sam and me, wouldn't it?

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terri said...

Oh yes... Patsy Cline! Perfect choice of music for this moon that's been hanging around lately! The moon was really big and bright again here last night. I wanted to take a "good" picture of it with my real camera, as opposed to the cell phone picture. But the moon is really hard to capture and I couldn't get the settings right to get a good shot of it.