Saturday, August 31, 2013

WORK (for the night is coming)

Guess the time has arrived now today for me to buckle up, knuckle down and get my fat fanny in gear to do some work!

All kinds of work today too, as a matter of fact!

My newest Avon order just arrived here about an hour ago and I have 4 very large boxes of Avon products now parked on my dining room table that I have to open, sort, bag up by each customer's order and get ready to begin delivering them as soon as possible.

I also have another task at hand that I want to get completed before I even begin  to work on the Avon order and that is sweeping and then, scrubbing all the floors in the downstairs of this old house!

Well, not quite ALL the floors as my room has wall-to-wall carpeting and I definitely don't have the strength or energy either to try to move stuff around in there, crammed and crowded as that little room is, to scrub the carpet there. Considering the fact that a big part of the scrubbing chore today hinges on the problem I mentioned in my previous post about my poor dog and his flea infestation. Going to go over the hardwood floors with whatever I can find that will not just get them clean but hopefully, will work to eliminate some more of these dreadful little insects too!

If I were to work on the carpeting in my room, I'd probably have to try to find some company to come in and scrub that carpet for me -maybe some place along the same lines as getting carpet cleaning Holly Springs NC to come and take care of that work for me. I know -that's going a heck of a distance but that's about what I think right now might seem like it is necessary to do that.

These fleas are about to run me -and the dog and the cat too -out of Dodge if I can't soon get them under control!

And, after I get that stuff -Avon bagged up, flooring scrubbed and dried up, etc., there's also another task to get moving on as well and that's grass that needs mowed too!

No rest for the wicked, is there?

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terri said...

You certainly had a stack of work waiting for you. Hope you got it all done!