Monday, August 05, 2013

Silence or Noise?

Sometimes it does seem that I can't decide what I really want these days! Do I want the silence that frequently exists now without the grandchildren around me all the time -a whole lot of peace and quiet then, ya know. Or do I want the noise -pretty much on a constant basis, day in and day out, when the two grandkids are here with me and they can make the house echo!

When the kids are not here and are with their mother down in Middletown, I should be able to feel free to do whatever my pea-picking heart desires with no strings attached, no worries about if there is someone who can watch the kids while I go do things I think I'd like to do (but which wouldn't really be of interest to Maya and Kurt if I had to take the kids along with me.) And it sounds to me like this has potential to become a really good and very nice game plan for me.

But then, when the kids are here -as they are right now (again) until this Friday, there are times during the day when their frequent bickering and wailing and whining and complaining, each about the other, tends to make my head feel like it's spinning away and I'm about to turn into the girl on The Exorcist -if you recall the scene I am referring to!

Just can't be satisfied no matter which way my life is running these days!

I've got a lot on my plate right now, to be sure.

I got my second Avon order here this past Saturday, all bagged up, books all marked out with my name, phone number, e-mail address as well as my Avon website for those who want to order through me but who like to do their purchasing and shipping done online. All ready now for me to head out and deliver these orders.

But first, every morning this week I have to get the kids up early and take them out to church so they can attend Vacation Bible School our church is having this week. And, while they are in their respective classes, I'm busy then in the kitchen, working with some other women from our church to get lunch ready for all the kids attending our program this year!

Today -Monday -was our first day and as usual, we had no idea how many kids to expect to be attending. Last year on the first day of Bible School, we had, I believe, 7 children who attended that day! Pretty slim pickings you could say, huh? Thankfully, we ended out the week with about 17 children who came though. So this year, we were a bit antsy, to say the least, as to what the attendance might be but boy, what a great feeling it was when the kids were ready to being today and there were 20 children present between the ages of 4 and 12!

That was a very pleasant surprise, for sure!

And tomorrow, we might possibly pick up two more boys about Maya's age range who might decide to join us. Sure do hope so.

The kids had a big splash yesterday as they were invited to a birthday party being held at a local swimming pool for a girlfriend of Maya's. Their Dad took them to the party, stayed with them and then, had them till about 10 last night at his place for their time to visit with him. I didn't want the kids to have to miss the birthday party because it was their Dad's time to spend with them so I was very pleased when he agreed to taking them and staying with them at the party, instead of my having to do that. This way, he didn't have to give up any of his visitation with them and the kids were happy with the whole arrangement that way too.

Tomorrow evening, I'm going to cook supper and have their Dad along with the step-granddaughter (Katie) and her now six-month-old baby girl here for supper after which I have to leave to go to church for a meeting of our Women's group and Dad and big sister will then babysit Maya and Kurt here so they get to spend some more quality time with their Dad as well as their sister and especially to enjoy being able to be "entertained" too by their little niece in the process! She is such a little cutie and a sweetheart. Maya is enthralled that she has a niece and Kurtis -well, he thinks little Lola is okay but just doesn't get what all the fuss is over with some baby being around here! Typical little boy reaction I suppose.

And now, since I have another big day ahead of me tomorrow guess I best get moving and go to bed so I can be well-rested and ready to face the big world in the little part where I live!

Peace! (Just no quiet till Friday night this week.)


Maggie May said...

I find the same thing! I either have NO grandkids and that takes a bit of time to get used to....... or else I have them for long periods and feel worn out.
I think that either way, one can learn to adapt to either situation. Like you say, you just have to do other things when they aren't around.
Glad that you are keeping so busy and seem happier than you anticipated.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Sandi McBride said...

So glad you have the best of both worlds dear Jeni...or hadn't you figured that out yet?