Sunday, August 25, 2013

Time to Party!

The last couple of days have been a bit of a whirlwind for me.

Had a doctor's appointment Friday morning with the oncologist to review the results of the PET scan I had last week. Right now, I'm still kind of reeling from the results as they currently stand. They might not be that bad after all, but I won't know for sure till I have more blood work done as well as a needle biopsy. If either or both the "hot spots" that showed up on the PET scan show for sure (via the blood work and biopsy) as what the oncologist thinks they will, it looks like I will spend the next few months getting chemo again as well as probably spending the winter sans hair, wearing all kinds of hats once again.

Oh well. What can I say. It is what it is. Gotta accept whatever shakes out from some more tests and then, just move on ahead from there.

Friday, I stopped by a friend's house to chat with her and check out all the various things she had in her garage for her "moving" sale. (A moving sale but she isn't moving but is trying to "move" out a whole bunch of accumulation she has built up there now!)

Anyway, I saw this lovely, albeit a bit dusty, piano along the back wall and asked her if she was actually selling that piano too. Boy, was I surprised to hear her say "Yes, indeed!" I was even more surprised when she said how much she would take for it but that no one appeared the least bit interested in buying it so she asked me if I knew anyone who wanted/needed a piano to tell them about this.

I thought of a young lady from our church who I know occasionally gives piano/organ lessons that maybe she knew someone who was looking for a good purchase like this so I sent her a message via Facebook. Turns out she and her fiance were looking for a piano for their future home! How opportune, huh?

So I gave her my friend's name, address and directions to her house and lo and behold, things clicked just right there and now, the young woman and her fiance have a piano to place in their future home!

Even finding Yamaha keyboards for sale at the biggest bargain-basement prices ever would never come close to the figure my friend was asking for this piano!!! Incredible bargain, it really was! But she just wanted to get rid of it, and had decided she would take a very small payment in return to have it out of her place and thankfully, I just happened to send that message to who it turned out really wanted and needed a piano! Made my day then a whole lot better after the words I'd heard at the Oncologist's office, for sure.

This past Thursday was my "favorite" son's 40th birthday. (A family joke there about him being my "favorite son" considering he is my ONLY son.) Anyway, his girlfriend threw a Birthday Bash for him and it was quite the bash for sure!

Lots of food, including shish-kabobs and "Jungle Juice" punch -which I confess I decided it would be best if I didn't even go near that stuff although those who tried it kept going back for more and raving about how good it was. Maybe I missed out on a good thing but for me, where alcoholic beverages are concerned, I'm much better off if I stick to a can or two of my favorite flavor of beer! (Last night, I had three beers between about 7 p.m. and 1 a.m. to which my granddaughter, Miss Maya, upon hearing Mandy and I talking a bit this morning about the party said, "Boy, Gram! You must have been really thirsty for beer to drink THAT many!" (Thank goodness she has no clue about what my beer intake was at times in the years long gone, ya know!)

There was a whole lot of music -pretty loud music, mainly due to the drummers taking turns and I think a couple of them had as their main intent to see if they could play the drum even louder than the guy before them did! Felt like my eardrums were gonna break at times, for sure. Some guitar playing, some singing and such along with a campfire down at the back of my son's yard and lots and lots of people!

A whole lot of folks there that I had no clue who they were but there were also some good surprises in the guests too! A young lady who has been a friend of my son's, her Dad and aunt, were there and it was great to see them again. Then there was the guy leaning against the front door sill of my son's house who looked really familar to me but I couldn't figure out why. Then when I went to go past him, he looked at me and we both realized, simultaneously, that yes, we knew each other! Here it was a friend of my son's from back in their school days and who I hadn't seen him and his wife (of about 18 years now) since at least 20 years ago! And there was another young man there who I did recognize though as he had been one of Clate's bestest friends ever since kindergarten! And that young man's sister was also there and I hadn't seen her either in at least 20 years too! So, it was really great for those "kids" to reconnect and also great for me to see the four of them together again! All that was missing was another boyhood friend of my son's (since kindergarten too) and who just happens to self-refer as being my other "Favorite Son" too! Yes, Cupcake, we missed not having you there to complete the old friends picture!

That's my real favorite son in the middle -between two guests at his party. (Who the guy is in front in the red shirt, I have no clue!)

This picture is not what you might think it is! It's actually the young lady neither Clate or I had seen for about 20 plus years as she was trying to angle her camera to get a shot of my son who was a bit "toasted" to say the least and acting silly as all get out on the floor of his bedroom. Oh the things people will go to in order to get just the perfect angle for a picture, huh?

This is the brother of the photographer in the picture just above here. This is Steven -one of Clate's best friends ever since the boys were about 4-5 years old. Steven who told me last night how awesome this party was and even though he knew it was for Clate's birthday, he felt like it was a bit of a gift for him too in that he got to see many people he knew from school and back home here! Now that comment really made me feel pretty darned good and Clate too, when I informed him today what Stevie had said!

I leave you with one parting photo here. Along with a message not to be deceived by appearances here either as I was NOT drunk -just that the lovely young lady beside me -the very pretty little blonde there -is my step-granddaughter and mother of my ultra gorgeous little great-granddaughter, Lola-bug, too!

It was a good party for sure! I'm a little long in the tooth -as that old expression goes pertaining to age to be partying hearty like I used to do back in the dark ages, but it was a very fun get-together and definitely kept my mind from veering off into a couple dark channels currently existing there!

Wish all parties could go the way this one did -no fights (always a very good thing), good food and drink and lots and lots of crazy fun people to visit with!

Glad to be able to say that my son really did enjoy his Birthday Bash and to thank Elizabeth -his girlfriend -and a very close friend of the family's (Jess) for all her help in putting this event together!

Definitely was a night to remember!


CiCi said...

So glad it was a fun party and that so many people appreciated seeing each other again. Especially glad for you that you had a chance to party down with family and friends and take your mind off the fact that you are waiting for more news from the doctor. I hope with all my strength that you don't have to go through chemo again, that the spots are just spots.

Smalltown RN said...

I love a good party and by the sounds of it your sons 40th was a party! Glad you survived it...and glad it brought so many old friends together.

Sandi McBride said...

Okay, just said a quick prayer for you and so glad your favorite son had such a wonderful time...thinking of you

terri said...

I love parties like this one. Sounds like a raging success! What a great way for your son to welcome in his 40th birthday!