Monday, August 12, 2013

Changing Pace....

This past Friday was the last day of Vacation Bible School at our church. We had lost a couple attendees along the way but still ended up the last day with 21 children present. We did however have a bit of a close call -could have been a catastrophe, really, if things hadn't worked out the way they did.

 Thursday night, as Kurtis was getting ready for bed, he realized his "Bear-Bear" (his big pillow-type bear rug comfort item) was missing and he told me he thought he had left him at church that day. We talked a little bit about this and that Bear-Bear would be safe there, waiting patiently for Kurt to show up on Friday morning to keep him company. I asked him if he would be okay to go to bed without Bear to snuggle with and he said he thought he could do that. (Lucky for me, he did that with no problems!)

Friday morning, when we got to church, as soon as Kurtis got through the front door, he was off, running and looking for his beloved Bear-Bear. Unfortunately, he couldn't locate Bear and was near to a panic attack but just about everyone at Bible School kicked into gear and helped him look for his prized possession. Maya came up to me and told me that Kurt had finally found Bear so I went to him to talk to him and asked him where he had found him. He said he was in the Nursery area and I told him it was good that he found him but that he needs to really keep close tabs on Bear. At that, Kurtis then told me "Yes. It wasn't very nice of him to go wandering off like that!" And, needless to say, I totally cracked up over that line! Kids! Never know what they're going to come up with, do we?

Friday evening, we had a little social gathering at church so families and friends of the kids could see all the projects they had made this past week. We had ice cream with chocolate syrup or sprinkles for a little treat and then, we were treated to a small but very nice "petting zoo" in the back lot behind the church. One parishioner brought her horse up and took kids for rides on that plus they also had a group of miniature ponies there too -not available for riding but for the kids to pet and get up close and personal with them. There was also one lone chicken in a pen and a little calf too! I know this is crazy because a family who lived two doors away from me when I was a youngster had cows and I was around the big cows now and again, growing up, but believe it or not, this was the first time I had occasion to pet a baby calf! Now there's my achievement for being almost 69 years old and never having had the opportunity before now to pet a little calf!

 We also had a local farmer who had his son bring their hay wagon up to take groups of people there on a little hayride around the village. Needless to say, the kids really got a big bang out of that and there were no complaints from any of the adults present either! So, all in all, Vacation Bible School this year was a big success. And Saturday, apparently I was exhausted because I just couldn't seem to wake up and as a result, napped most of the day away. Sunday, although I had planned to go to church, my intestines decided that was not going to happen as I had to endure a couple hours of steady cramping pains until my intestines decided to settle down. After that episode, I was fine and dandy then!

Now, here it is Monday and the start of another week. And this week is one that is going to be very quiet for me as the grandkids left Friday night after the Bible School event was over and returned to Middletown. I'm not sure exactly which day they will be coming back up here -sometime over the coming weekend -and I will have them here then all next week too until Sunday, August 25th. And then, when they return to Middletown that day, who knows when they'll be able to come up and spend time with old Grammy J. School starts on the 26th for them and I just hope and pray that all works out okay as this is going to be a very big adjustment -especially for Kurtis -to be going to a new and larger school.

 Now, it's time for me to get moving here, shower and get dressed to go deliver the last three Avon orders I have remaining to drop off and then, I should really attend an Avon Sales Meeting this evening over in Clearfield. Way back when I sold Avon before (like for 18 years) I used to go to all the sales meetings then and always enjoyed them plus the opportunity to meet other reps in the area here then too. The fact I'm not totally enthused about going to this meeting tonight speaks loud and clearly for how much of a recluse I've turned myself into being over the past 22 years since I stopped selling Avon products back then. Gotta give myself a little extra push to force me to go out the door and attend this I think. But a change of pace is pretty much what I really do need right now.


terri said...

I'm glad that Kurtis found Bear-Bear. I know that Bear-Bear has been his security and comfort item for sleeping since he was just a little guy.

Maggie May said...

So pleased about the finding of Bear Bear.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Anonymous said...

been on the phone with my provider since I have been unable to leave comments...hate the new Google crap they signed us onto without our consent...glad Kurtis found his little pal BearBear...hugs to you Jen, this is my third time trying to leave a comment and if it doesn't show up this time see you on facebook lol

Suldog said...

That Bear-Bear was found is great news! As friends of many teddy bears, MY WIFE and I were worried.

I bet when you go to the sales meeting, you'll find some new friends and have a good time. Let us know.