Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Good Numbers!

I mentioned before that this week is the week that we have Vacation Bible School at our church and I was really happy yesterday when our first day convened and we had 20 children between the ages of 4 and 12 present for our first session.

That's a very good jump -almost 300 percent increase in numbers -over our attendance last year when we only had 7 children present for the first day and we finished out the week of VBS last year with a total head count of around 17-18 kids who were there.

Yesterday, we served lunch to those 20 children plus 15 others -Pastor Matt, Pastor Lee, several teens who were working as "helpers" who worked with the children as well as the ladies of the church who fixed hot dogs, veggies for dipping in a scrumpdelicious ranch dip and brownies for dessert. Apparently the kids liked our lunch well enough to return today and they even brought some friends to join them there today too!

Our head count today was a whopping 28 children! WOW! What an awesome figure that was to see!Lunch today consisted of ham and cheese sandwiches, veggies and dip plus marshmallow rice krispy treats for dessert!

Tomorrow, we will be serving a big favorite of the kids -homemade macaroni and cheese plus jello jigglers! Actually, we will have a big container of homemade mac 'n'cheese along with another large container of the "boxed" mac'n'cheese because we have a lot of discerning taste buds in our group of attendees -kids who won't eat mac'n'cheese UNLESS it is of the boxed variety!

My two grandchildren are among those who will be present tomorrow who refuse now to go near the homemade macaroni and cheese that I make and which, until last summer, had been their favorite meal for me to fix! Since last year's at Bible School, when they got the boxed variety, they refuse to touch Gram's homemade variety!

Go figure that one out, will ya?

But anyway, I'm really hepped up to see how we do, attendance-wise, to finish out this week of VBS! Even if it drops a little bit here and there from day to day, the numbers we had for today are still a good indicator that we are now on the right track with our planning and administering our program for the future!


Barb said...

Homemade mac & cheese is considered different from boxed in my house. Thankfully we like both!

Barb said...


We're using the same template. =)

CiCi said...

My grandkids were always requesting the boxed mac and cheese too. Interesting to see their taste preferences. Anyway, you at least have time with them.