Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Night Vision?

I've been doing fair-to-middling on my efforts to change myself a bit -mainly starting with trying to reprogram my body to get accustomed to going to bed at least a wee bit earlier and not staying up until the wee hours of the morning.

Tonight though, I've been wide awake, not even a single yawn to let me know my system was starting to wear down a bit and that I should, could go to bed and (hopefully) not lay there and just toss and turn, unable to fall asleep.

About 3:30 a.m., Sammy -the lovely little mutt here -came over by my chair and put his paws up on the arm of the chair, and gave me a longing look plus a little whimper that I took to mean he wanted to go out. Not just wanted but NEEDED to go out judging by his actions.

No, I'm not accustomed to walking him at this hour of the night (or morning) but considering the consequences that would be waiting for me if I didn't take him out and he had been sincere about his needs, I decided what the heck -I'll take him out.

Once outside, although I knew the moon was out tonight, I was really surprised at how brightly it was shining.

As I looked up at that yellow oval in the sky though, I was convinced I either need new glasses or I'm having double vision or some such problem because I kept looking at the moon and seeing what appeared to be about a quarter of a moon sort of attached to the bottom of the moon I was used to seeing!

What the heck was with this sight anyway.  Sam and I started walking down the road but I kept looking up at the moon, searching for places to stop and perhaps get a clearer view perhaps. But I kept seeing this other slice of a moon regardless of where I stood out on the road.

Sam wasn't being all that interested once we got outside in doing any serious business so I brought him back inside and grabbed my camera to see if this "thing" -whatever it was in my sight -appeared if I tried to take a photograph of it.

Now, you look at these pictures and tell me if I'm seeing things or not? (No, they aren't the best pics of the moon in the sky -definitely does look like the moon is all those kazillion miles away from planet earth but see if you can also see what I was seeing. And, if so, anyone have any idea what's with the old man in the moon tonight?

On the first picture, there appears to be a tiny white spot towards the bottom of the photo but that is not what I was seeing when I looked up at the moon. The other two pictures -well, remember my camera is not a fancy unit and trying to get a better shot is pretty much next to impossible for me. But I looked around outside to see if I was seeing double or partial-doubles of anything else and it was only when I looked at the moon that it appeared to be in the process of growing an appendage or something.

Okay -now I guess I just proved to myself -and all those who know me and thought I was a little nutso-whacko that apparently their sentiments are true and I am really seeing things then, aren't I?


Sandi McBride said...

I noticed this at about 3:30 when BatGirl demanded to be let out...odd that too, Jeni...animals alerting us to the outside but I saw what looked like an infants embryo...glad you caught photos!

Sash Sash said...

Interesting ...

terri said...

Strange! Well, you definitely weren't seeing things. You have photographic evidence!