Monday, January 30, 2012

Viewing Pleasure

Our dog, good old little Sammy and our indoor cat, Pearl the PurrBall (because she purrs on a virtually continuous basis) have been friends since they first met -back in June or July when Mandy found Pearl and brought her home.

She was a sweet little kitten and still is a sweet, gentle, loving and friendly cat now too. The people who had been living in the house about 2 doors up the street from us had moved out and left Pearl and another kitten behind to fend for themselves. Pearl somehow had managed to crawl out an upstairs window and then, had fallen to the ground when Mandy found her. It was also pouring down rain on the poor kitten who then was about 6, maybe 7, weeks old so when she brought her into our house, the poor baby was shaking from the cold and wet, plus probably from being scared to death too.

Sam, of course, had to meet Mandy at the front door and definitely had to check out this new creature she held in her arms. So Mandy then put the kitten down on the floor and we stood back a bit, expecting the kitten to arch her back and throw up some defensive poses against Sam's advances.

However nothing of that sort happened at all!

Nope. Pearl took one look at Sam and sidled up next to him and before you knew it, the two of them were chasing each other around the house, frolicking like they were old time best buddies.

And they've been doing that ever since then although Pearl doesn't chase Sam every chance she gets now -only maybe every third or fourth chance as I suppose she is starting to grow up and mature a little bit. But she does still relish a good rough and tumble bit of exercise with Sam from time to time and she is frequently the one who initiates it too as she will go up to Sam and torment him until he responds and starts rough housing with her.

Here are two little videos that Mandy took the other evening here so you can see our two slightly strange and fun to watch pets in action!

As you can probably tell by watching these two silly videos, it takes very little to entertain us!

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terri said...

Awww, they are just the CUTEST! I wish Lucy got along so well with Tigger. Tigger hates Lucy. Well... Tigger hates everyone. Lucy just wants Tigger to play with her, but it's not gonna happen. So Lucy wines and whimpers and looks at me as if to say, "MAKE him play with me!"