Monday, January 30, 2012

Just For Suldog!

Many of you who read my blog also follow the same bloggers so if I mention the name Suldog here, I rather suspect a whole lot of you will know exactly who I mean and also, of some of the many things he writes about and things that are high on his list of favorites.

Let me clarify this a bit first off though. Don't get too excited over this post Jim as it is meant for your information and not as an announcement of a pending gift for you. Although, if I ever hit the lottery really, really bigtime, I promise faithfully that I will then see to it that you receive this item!

Hey! I'm generous but also usually very broke hence the need to explain this a bit, ya know.

Anyway, while doing a little bit of surfing, looking for some nice little gift but affordable for my dear daughter's big birthday coming up in oh about 12 more days, I stumbled across something that just told me would make for a perfect gift for my good old blogger buddy, Jim -aka Suldog!

If you read his stuff then you know already that he's is heavy duty interested in sports -basketball, baseball, football and the like. Heck he's been playing on a softball team for umpteen years and for the past several years has professed time and time again that this will be the year he will finally give up playing that game because his knees are about ready to go totally out on him, (Wondering now if this will be the end of that road (year) for him?)

But anyway, what did I spy (with my one little eye) today but baseball cufflinks however, these aren't your run-of-the-mill cufflinks honoring the great all-American sport of baseball. No sirree!

These babies are made using leathers from old seats and such from famous baseball parks! And one of those parks that has cufflinks made from it is none other than Fenway Park which I do believe is up in Boston and that those Red Sox are one of Jim's favorite teams too!

I thought this would be something he might be interested in seeing -at the very least -or maybe even getting himself a set or letting his wife get that for him for some special occasion type gift.

Just hit me as being a great way to pay tribute to one of the things that's taken a good place of interest in a person's life, ya know!


Uncle Skip, said...

I can picture it now. Suldog is scrambling to find a place that sells shirts with french cuffs so he can justify buying cuff links made from stadium seats (caution: may contain toxic paint).

terri said...

What a great gift idea for a baseball lover!