Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Bit Baffling!

There are lots and lots of things that truly do confuse me a lot. Rocket science, obviously, is one of them, people and why they sometimes do the really weird things they do at times is another obvious one too.

But sometimes there are lots and lots of other things that really do confuse the living daylights out of me and among those myriad of items to choose from various kinds of advertising stuff really can get me scratching my head -a lot!

Take this for an example: the ads we keep receiving in the mail from the electric company we deal with already in which they promote special savings to their customers. Then there are other things that offer low cost electricity but from other power companies and yet, they say our current power company will still be the provider of the current lines/power supply to our home.

Now, how exactly, can that be? That's the thing I really don't comprehend. Do you?

Of course, if I think back to an episode I saw on Law and Order a while back where some executive of some fictional power company and some other executives of other companies, managed to sell each other power and create well-timed outages so this company could then demand higher rates from their customers and so on, with the end result being that the wife of one executive and his daughter were kidnapped and his wife killed in the process -well sheesh, I sure don't want to risk anything like that happening, ya know!

Guess I'll still be confused, won't I?

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