Monday, January 30, 2012


Oh, Katie bar the door and whatever else she's supposed to do when you want to warn people about certain things taking place!

Someone in this house in on a cleaning kick today (and it ain't lil ol' moi either!)

I'm not really complaining about this as when Mandy gets the urge to clean, big-time, like she is on track doing today, far be it from me to whine and moan about something like that. No sirreee, Bob!

Just give me ample opportunity to stay out of her way though.

Thankfully, today's cleaning spur is just that really -cleaning. Sometimes she get a wild hair and starts ahead of time trying to figure out what things she can change, other than just moving furniture and looking to make sure there are no "mouseketurds" lurking in any corners along with the dog and cat hairs and other accumulated dust bunnies.

One of these days, I fully expect her to go on a total revamping of all the switchplates which, as long as they are relatively plain and such -nothing along the lines of Michelango's David, ya know -maybe all nice new plain white ones -I wouldn't be objecting to that. (Yeah, color my world calm and oh maybe just a tad bland, huh? Probably not what you figured I'd lean toward there, is it?)

But, since she's got half the stuff in the living room all out almost in the mjiddle of the floor, including my lovely organ I wrote about last week, maybe this would be a good time to convince her that it would be really nice, even useful perhaps, to put the organ back and put the cord plugged back into the outlet in the wall while we're at it!

Just perhaps the time has come for that to take place once again!

Won't the cat be surprised though the next time she tries to walk on the keyboard and discovers her own brand of musical ability then too?

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terri said...

I wish someone would get the urge to clean MY house like that. No one is ever motivated to clean much unless I tell them I want help with something.