Saturday, January 28, 2012

Attitudinal Changes!

Thinking this morning about lots of things -good, bad and indifferent -and my mind wanders all over the place.

One place where my wandering mind crept into today though were thoughts about how some things in our lives have changed and really drastically too in many circumstances.

One of the most dramatic changes -with the kids for instance -has been their attitudes about doctors, nurses, appointments and such.

Not too terribly long ago, we dreaded having to take either of the kids for a doctor's visit. They were horrendous times filled with screaming, shrieking, kicking and screaming small children, to say the least.

Even if while we waited in the reception area the child could maybe be as good as gold but as soon as we got called back towards the examining rooms, Maya especially would set up such a fuss as soon as she laid eyes on the medical cart. This was before the LPN even had a chance to say hello to her much less try to take her temperature (in her ear) and heaven forbid that she had to be weighed and/or have her height measured too!

All those things were relatively innocuous types of stuff that are standard parts of a doctor/nurse's entry examinations but to these two kids, they may as well have just met Frankenstein!

But somehow over the years, things eased out very nicely -thank goodness for that small miracle! And I'm quite sure the receptionists and nurses are all equally happy that no longer is there such wrenching pain-filled anguish involved to either of these kids when it comes time to go see the doctor and even to the dentist too!

I marvel at how much they have adapted and neither of them has this trepidation, this terrible fear of doctors, nurses, dentists, emergency room personnel, etc.

The dentists who saw me when I was a kid would be scratching their heads in amazement too and questioning if I'm really sure that these two are either the same children as before or are they really related to me?


Maggie May said...

It seems to be injections that freak them out. All my grand children make a fuss about them and don't seem to be improving. Your Maya and Kurtis are doing very well, I think.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

terri said...

I was pretty lucky in that my kids never put up too much fuss at the doctor or dentist offices. Me though? As a kid, something about the dentist just scared me to death. It might have been this weird little face mask thing he always wore, but I was a terror for a while there.