Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Letter!

Boy, did I ever get a surprise today and a sweet one it was too!

I received a letter, hand-delivered no less and the biggest surprise of this letter was that it was from Kurtis!
I know his printing is a bit difficult to read so I'll interpret this piece then for you.

At the upper right hand corner -that's the date, January 30. Then he addresses me with the 2nd line there - and believe me, it took me a good while to figure out that was saying just "Dear Grammie!" (Actually I think he has it printed out as "Gramee" or something akin to that.

Then, the body of his letter is really sweet "I luv my mom! Maya liks to play with legos." (Yes, he has likes spelled as "liks." And then he closes it with the "Love, Kurtis."

Isn't that just adorable though?

Now that I have this scanned into my computer I'm gonna have to go looking for some photo frames online to get just the right size and type too of frame to put this in and save it for posterity. Well, it's either that or big scrapbook -which might be in order anyway too!

I don't remember my kids ever writing me a letter, much less one done while they were still in kindergarten.

That just makes me a firmer believer in the saying I had on my status on Facebook today. "All grandchildren are Brilliant, Beautiful and Take after their Grandmother!"

That's gotta be the most honest Facebook status ever!

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terri said...

Awww, he's SO sweet! What a great letter. I was able to figure a good part of it out before seeing your translation too!