Saturday, August 20, 2011

Push or Pull?

Boy, talk about a bit of a fright, there was one here the other day when Ken was here, using the riding lawn mower and trying to get the grass under control.

Technically, he was using HIS own riding lawn mower which he brought down here earlier this summer for us to have to us -just wanted to clarify that.

But anyway, he had just come around the house, past the kitchen and deck area and I heard this really bad, very loud, very clunky kind of sound. I looked out the back door and there was the lawn mower slowly sputtering and then shutting off. I thought man, I'm sure glad he was the one riding it and cutting grass if those noises I'd heard meant what I thought they might -like that the mower was broke down!

But more than that, it was where it had come to a stop that REALLY worried me because there are several spots in my back yard that are more than a bit on the swampy side and it looked from my view like he had the wheels located at least pretty darned close to one of those areas.

All I could think of was if that was the case, to get the mower out of there would probably required something powerful to use to pull it with his truck -like some kind of super-duper atv winches or something along those lines, ya know!

He came walking up through the yard then, carrying what looked too at first glance like a big old black snake but then, I got my glasses cleared off a bit and saw it was just a big old piece of black rubber kind of stuff and figured out then that a belt had broken on the thing. Yep! That's what caused all the racket with the mower when the belt broke and he had lucked out too and got it to come to a stop where it wouldn't sink into that really wet area and didn't swamp the old thing after all.

He and Mandy made a run to town that night then and picked up a new belt and today, he got it on so it's up and running fine and dandy now again!

Sometimes things do work out okay after all.

And, it sure does help to have someone around who can fix things like this too!

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