Thursday, August 18, 2011


Wow! What a lot of stuff I HAVE done, have completed over the past 3-4 weeks with this cookbook project! I now have 578 recipes gathered and entered and six more sitting here waiting now for me to enter them. (I just had these six given to me this morning!) Just really glad that someone else took the time to dig these recipe cards out and loan them to me for my transcripting purposes!

I'm still majorly confused though as to what I can and can not do when dealing with the photos I have available now to select from for use in our cookbook.

One of our ideas from the get-go of this project was to set up a page -preferably with a collage of pictures focusing mainly on women who were once very strong leaders and workers without our parish community and who have passed on. However, there are a goodly number of other women still with us, many who are advanced in years now too, and who are equally deserving of recognition of some type for all their efforts too. So, how to do that -where do I or we set a line of demarcation? Right now, I'm thinking maybe anyone who is above the age of 74-75 and, if we have a photo of that person, they should get this little bit of recognition paid to them too. That proverbial "Time in the spotlight" I suppose you could say. I have a meeting coming up here, at my house, in about an hour with our Pastor and another lady from church -from our group- and we will no doubt make that decision at that time.

But another aspect that still has me very worried as well as confused is how I am to work/deal with the advertising. How do I prepare it to send it to the publisher anyway? How to I do it by uploading it to them and will the information as I can prepare it on my computer gel then when it arrives at the publisher or will it not function properly due to potential issues because of what type of setups I have on my computer? I don't understand near enough about things that are of a computer technical nature at all to grasp all this stuff and baby, it really scares the living daylights out of me.

Sometimes I do think what I need here is some kind of document management system that might make working with all these things, all the variables and such manageable for me. I suppose my needs right now are not such that it would warrant that type of setup but maybe, if I had my wits about me, all gathered into a little bundle, so to speak, I could then break it apart and put it into files/folders on my own that would serve the same purpose. Don't get me wrong, I have been trying to do something like that here but just don't have it all as coordinated as I'd like it to be or as I think it maybe should be.

And then again, maybe I'm just being one great big very nervous Nellie about this whole kit and kaboodle and who knows, maybe I understand more about what I'm supposed to do, how to do it and all that, than I realize too.

Hey! It could possibly happen that way! I just hope and pray that it does, that's all!

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RuneE said...

You seem to have huge project going-on. My suggestion would be to contact somebody with an in-depth knowledge of for instance "InDesign". From what I hear, that is the program to use.