Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy Days Ahead?

It's been a very busy week here this far and almost the weekend now. Since I haven't posted in almost a week -although I've had numerous topics rolling around in my mind -I figured I'd best get busy and at least get a post done today before the weekend actually hits, ya know, cause who knows what that might bring.

At least, for the time being though, things have calmed down a bit for me with the cookbook work -entering recipes and trying to coordinate advertising, what little bits of that stuff that I have. The advertising and special pages we're going to do have been driving me slightly bonkers for most of the time this week, mainly because it's been well over 40 years now since I did any work involving copy and getting things readied for printing and such and what little I had learned then is pretty much out-dated and irrelevant in today's market, so I'm pretty much starting the learning process all over again with that stuff. It's easing up though as every now and again, something I learned back then comes back to me and as long as I can find something of today's work that is comparative to that of 1970's era, I can grasp it a bit better.

Yesterday, Kurtis came up with some things that first of all, cracked me up and his second thing, was something that pretty much surprised his former TSS who is now the BSC for both kids.

First, yesterday a.m., I was doing stuff on the computer -e-mail checking, looking over Facebook and such and he pops up right beside me, with his little face almost on top of my face as, very excitedly he announces to me that "Spiderman is going to save the world. He's gonna kick the monster's butt!" Imagine my surprise at learning that wee bit of wisdom! I bet you all feel much better knowing that we are all safe now thanks to good old Spiderman, don't you?

Then, later in the afternoon yesterday, my son's girlfriend and her little boy, Ryan, were down here. Ryan will be 3 next month and trust me when I tell you this, but he is quite the little character -leaves no stones unturned, believe you me! But anyway, Ryan was down in the back yard as was Kurtis when "Miss Renee" -Kurt's former TSS -showed up. He made a bee line for the front yard in order to be the first to greet her and then he asked her, "Have you met Ryan yet?" Yes, that formal he was with his speech which pretty much took Renee by surprise but then after she said no to him, he went on to say, "Let me introduce you." So matter of fact he was. So they went around the house to the back yard where Ryan was busy playing on the swing set and then, apparently Kurtis forgot the last step in this configuration, which should have been for him to take Renee up to Ryan and tell Ryan her name and formally introduce them because it was at that time that Kurtis took off for the swing set too, leaving Renee standing there in a small state of shock.

It does really make one wonder though how he learned that procedure or who taught him to say those things at any rate. But isn't it neat though to realize he is picking up proper methods at this age? I was quite amazed at that little conversation along with Miss Renee and Mandy too!

Today, I had to go over to the Cancer Center in Clearfield for my monthly visit there to have my port flushed out. For those of you who may not be familiar with a "port" it's a little item that a surgeon inserts just under the skin line, normally, as I understand it, in the upper portion of the chest and it is used especially in people who don't have very good veins (a problem with which I have to contend -or the nurses do, whatever) and it is used then for a place where they can insert needles to run IV's and especially to use in administering chemo too. But since I am, at this point in time, no longer receiving chemo, it still has to be maintained and kept cleaned out, hence the "flushing" of the port.

After that was done -which takes all of about 5-10 minutes tops, usually, I headed up to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things I needed. Two items of particular importance -birthday cards for two of the most important men in my life -my older grandson who will be 14 next Friday and my son, who will be -dare I say it here -39 a week from this coming Monday! While there I also found a book for the grandson which I hope he will enjoy -a humorous book about Middle School -which though a bit away from the type of books I normally get him, I thought maybe a change of pace was a good thing.

However, I really didn't have a chance then to look for anything for my son, but when I got home, I went online -my normal thing there -and did some snooping around on a site where I found some personalized birthday gifts. One that really caught my eye was a coffee mug that says how many days old the recipient is and that, for him, would come to around 14,244 days if my calculations are correct. I was thinking he might actually get a chuckle out of something like that. Birthday gifts within my family often to lean towards finding something that is a bit on the harassing side -especially where my son is concerned. So, we shall see if I break down and order that for him. It is very tempting, believe me!

And speaking of my son, he just showed up here to do a quick "band-aid and baling wire" repair job on his 1971 pickup truck. Seems the exhaust was loose and he didn't get around to correcting that problem over the weekend but today, the tail pipe fell off and the muffler was dragging on the ground, so his girlfriend had brought the truck down here and parked it and then, borrowed my jeep to drive herself to work. Then, when he got in tonight, he had to come down here and gerryrig the thing up so they can run it until he can get an appointment to have the exhaust totally redone/repaired.

Always something, isn't there! And once you purchase your first vehicle, and from that time forward probably until eternity, it does often seem like it's a never ending litany of problems that have to be fixed -along with paying out the yazoo too for car insurance -that keeps a lot of folks in business and a whole lot of the rest of us poor as church mice then too!

But you do what you have to do. We don't just have to like it though, do we?

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