Thursday, August 04, 2011

Another Day. Another Adventure!

Another busy as well as exciting and also challenging day today!

I had an appointment marked in on my calendar to go meet with my insurance agent at 1 p.m. They called me yesterday to confirm said appointment, and because I was rather proud of myself for having actually penned in the time of the appointment on my wall calendar by my desk here, I joked with the agent's receptionist that "Yep! I've got it all marked right here so I'll be there!"

I got up this a.m. around 9:30 -got my first cup of wake-up juice and sat down at ye olde computer to read -and possibly to write -away! I went through most of my morning stuff -computer things I check, read, do, etc., -still sipping away on the caffeine but I lost track of time and suddenly I realized it was noon and I hadn't yet showered and I was to be in town at 1 p.m. for this appointment!

Boy, did I pick up and move -and fast -which is really quite the site, seeing me trying to move fast with joints that need the Tin Man's oil can some days to get them functioning properly, ya know!

But anyway, eventually I did get ready and out the door and on my way! Met with the insurance guy and ended up adding a little more expense to my monthly budget but in the long run, I do believe it will be the best move I could have made. And, in the process of our meeting, the agent also purchased an ad to go in our cookbook too -so guess the whole things was beneficial on a couple of levels then, agreed?

I made a couple other stops too before coming back home, dropping off some ad information at a few other businesses in the area. Sure would be nice if even a small percentage of those places where I left ad information would call or e-mail me and tell me they are taking out an ad now though! Wish me luck, OK?

So, back home and Mandy and I were talking, reviewing a bit about how her day went and mine when the phone rang. Mandy picked it up and then, the next thing I knew, she was asking me if I could run into where her best friend here, Jenn, lives and take her over to the emergency room because Jenn, it seemed, had hurt her foot and thought she may have broken a bone there. So, off we each went! We both got up to Jenn's and it was obvious she had buggered up her foot a bit -looked like there might have been a broken bone but you know how it is with things like that, only an x-ray will tell you for sure. We ended up then that Mandy took her to the E.R. and I brought the kids back home with me, to fix them supper, get them ready for bed, and in general, just ride herd on those two till she got back home.

Some of the things that go back and forth between Maya and Kurt though are really mega entertaining to listen to at times.

We had to stop at the grocery store in Kylertown to pick up something to fix for supper and Maya, as we were walking in to the store, was pointing out to Kurtis the building on the Truckstop grounds that the car and lunatic yesterday had driven into -smashing up the front of the building to the extent that it virtually has to be rebuilt now and the length of time that gas station will now be closed -"indefinitely!" That's what was said on yesterday's news broadcast anyway! But anyway, little Maya was really busy explaining the whole accident to Kurtis although I'm not quite sure how she acquired all her knowledge about this event. (I know she sure didn't get it from our local newspaper because they -thus far -have yet to publish ANYTHING in the newspaper about this guy, the incident, damage, charges to the driver -Absolutely Nothing! Frankly, I find the local paper's coverage of things like this is appalling!)

Anyway, we picked up some hot dogs and buns, plus a couple other minor necessities and came home to grill the hot dogs for our supper. I fixed a package mix of pasta salad -mainly for me because things like that rarely go over well with the kids -but tonight, Kurtis shocked the socks off me when he ate a hot dog, almost all the bun and also had not one, but two helpings of the pasta salad! Okay, so he politely pulled the couple little bits of chopped tomatoes out of the salad and had them nicely moved to the side of his plate but the mere fact he ATE what he did, was something great to see from him.

During supper though, Maya was maintaining a conversation with me throughout our meal and some of the remarks she made tonight really were -for me -a tad mind-boggling. Sometimes, I really do wonder where on earth she comes up with some of the things she says!

Like this tonight -out of the blue, she announced to me that "When I have my baby, I'm going to go to the hospital in Pittsburgh!" Hmmmm. The kid's not even 8 years old yet and not only is she planning to have a child, but also, what hospital she will be in to have it too! But right after saying that, she then told me "Well, either Pittsburgh or Brookville." Say what? Brookville? Why Brookville anyway? I told her Pittsburgh's quite a distance away but then too, so is Brookville, so why Brookville? Her answer to that -"Well, I've never been there before!"

She also proceeded to tell me all about what will happen when she has her baby too -for openers, she will be age 30 and then too, she will have labor and labor pains, probably a lot of labor pains! No lie, kiddo! Ya think!???

With all this pre-planning on her part, I'm wondering if maybe I should be looking for specific things for my great-grandchild-to-be -like christening gifts for boys -or some other type baby gifts?

Needless to say, I was doing a whole heck of a lot of chuckling during our evening meal, that's for sure!

But the fun didn't stop there either. I was trying to get them both ready for bed -give them their meds and such -and Maya was giving me instructions as to which pills, exactly, she was to take and which ones, Kurtis has to take and was I sure I gave him the correct pills? Nothing like having this almost 8-yr-old explaining the dosages of her meds along with those of her brothers, is there?

After the medicine thing was completed, Maya then told me that she and Kurtis were going to have a "sleepover" tonight too. I told her that a sleepover doesn't usually involve one's sibling but rather is when you have a friend come to spend the night with you. I'm not sure where this idea originated but maybe it's from the fact she spent a couple hours last night and again this afternoon, up the street at the home of a little girl who is also going to be in second grade too this fall and maybe that little girl might have made mention to Maya of them having a "sleepover" sometime or other.

However, as the sleepover thing was discussed a bit more between the kids, it was eventually discarded for tonight because they couldn't come to an agreement as to whose bedroom they would sleep in -hers or her brothers!

Just for the record -Maya is where she usually sleeps, which is in my bed, in my room, and Kurt -well he's nicely snuggled into his own bed, in his own room tonight.

And it's quiet, both kids were sound asleep within about 5-10 minutes after they went to those respective room.

So, you see -all's well that ends well. Right?


Smalltown RN said...

Do you remember that show "kids say the darndest things" Your story of Maya reminds me so much of that show.

You know what, I love how Maya and Kurtis are just so darn comfortable with you! How wonderful that you can just bring them home cook up dinner and they will settle for you...nice very nice.

I hope you get some responses from you flyers you dropped off. And good for you for getting the agent to purchase a spot in the cook book...well done!

TechnoBabe said...

Sounds like a fair exchange, a visit with your insurance agent to discuss your insurance plan and the agent also takes out an ad in the cookbook. I hope lots of people are able to take out ads, you are working so hard on this project.

Kat said...

Whew! Sounds like quite the busy day! I hope the next few days give you a bit more down time. :)

Love the conversations you had with Maya. What a little stinker! ;)

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen my grandkids for several months ... to hot for Muri in Phoenix ... so I'm jealous. I love Maya telling you about her child bearing plans. Yes, alls well that ends well.

terri said...

Maya sure is thinking ahead, isn't she? She's got her life all planned out into her 30s already! She's too funny!

The sleepover thing reminds me of something my kids used to do. They always wanted to know if they could "camp out" on the weekends. But we don't camp. Never have. What they meant was, "Can we sleep in sleeping bags in the living room with a movie on?" They did that a lot when they were younger. Now they'd much rather sleep in their own beds.