Monday, August 22, 2011

Bugs -and MORE Bugs!

Bugs! I hate 'em!

Computer bugs are a royal pain in the dupa to contend with and learning how to operating a new type of software fills my pea brain with loads of bugs! First it was trying to figure out how to operate the photo software my neighbor told me to download so I could start working on extracting pictures from various other photos I have on my computer or that were given/loaned to me to use for the special dedication page we want to have in the cookbook I've been working on.

Then, it was learning to work with Publisher's software -since I have the new version of WORD which comes with Publisher. Ah, more fun and games, for sure. Thankfully Pastor Carrie arrived to bail me out as she knows a whole lot about working with Publisher as well as how to lay photos out too -so they are more eye-appealing and offer some better asthetics that way to our page.

She got the Dedication page up to a point where I could submit it as a test piece to the publisher -to ascertain -hopefully -that what she had done would be acceptable with their formats, etc., etc.

But to upload it to the cookbook publisher, I first had to compress the files so I did that -or thought I did that anyway -and it clicked it into the upload and roughly 45 minutes later, I was able to use my computer again after the upload apparently went through! Yes, it's a large -very large -file!

One of the things the upload page says though is that the best -and safest -method to send files to them is if they are prepared with PDF format. Hmmmm. I think that requires Adobe to do that and I think I only have Adobe reader on this lovely little old computer. Anyone know how I can convert files -from say Publisher to PDF? Is there a freebie program I can download to be able to do that?

So, I'm dealing with those bugs doing free-floating -or maybe it is free fall -in my brain but I also realized over this past weekend that I have another type of bugs I have to contend with now as well.

Except these bugs are of the real bug kind. The ones that are alive and way, way too well for my liking and they are living in my garden, feasting quite heartily on my yellow squash plants!

YUCK! Judging by the look of the leaves on many, many of my yellow squash plants, there must be a kazillion ugly little old squash bugs that are dining there, as I write this!

I tried a very generous sprinkling of lime around the plants and on the leaves and maybe I slowed down the progress of oh, at most maybe 10 of these little buggers but apparently the only way to deter them is to treat the ground around the roots of the plants early on in the growing season. Wonderful. NOT!

Right now, if there were such a thing available like an online life insurance policy for plants, believe me, I'd be right there, signing up for something like that as that apparently would be the only way I could then "collect" -shall we say -on the demise of those poor baby plants! Unfortunately, I think those things only apply to people, don't they?

There goes my idea of having lots and lots of yellow squash for supper frequently throughout the rest of this summer. Luckily though, according to what I read online about these ugly bugs, they don't like zucchini squash or acorn squash plants either so hopefully the few acorn squash plants I do have growing and that do have some acorn squash on 'em now will be safe from the muching and life juice sap sucking of these vultures in the vegetable world!

Anyway, needless to say, I do really, really REALLY HATE bugs!


Sandee said...

Hubby converts Microsoft Publisher to PDF all the time with his news letters. You'll need the conversion patch downloaded first. Here's the link to that:

PDF Patch

Once you get this piece downloaded you will have the option of saving your Publisher work as a PDF file.

Have a terrific day. :)

terri said...

There is a free program called Cute PDF Writer that you can download. It converts documents to PDF files. The way it works is just as if you were going to send a document to a printer. Instead of selecting your regular printer, you select the Cute PDF Writer and then you just save your document to a file. Not sure how it might work with Publisher, but it's worth a try.

Maggie May said...

I'd sooner have a bug on a leaf than a bug on a computer.
Get a Mac (apple) I should! Less likely to get infected.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Suldog said...

Sorry to hear about the bugs eating your squash plants, Jeni. I've been doing a tiny bit of gardening (because we don't have a whole lot of yard to do gardening in) and I'm growing some canteloupes. I have no idea what likes to eat those, aside from MY WIFE. I hope they don't attract some sort of hideous creatures to my yard to have a melon feast!

Smalltown RN said...

Jeni...first let me commend you on attempting to do all that you do with your computer....I don't know but I never seem to have time to figure all those things out...and I get so darn scared that I am going to introduce some virus or crash my I leave all that up to my hubby....however, I do want to learn how to use more photo editing products as I would like to make some calenders and personal stuff for maybe I need to just bite the bullet and learn how to do this...

As for the know you can go to one of those garden websites and or just google how to make an environmentally friendly spray that gets rid of the bugs but is harmless to your squash. My girlfriend gave me a great one for my rose bush which includes baking soda, vinegar and water and it worked!

TechnoBabe said...

We don't have a garden this year but I think we will have a very small one next year as an experiment. We have so many critters here and we would rather watch the critters than plant a garden. Since you mention here that squash bugs don't like zucchini or acorn squash, that is what I will plant in the spring. Thanks for the tip.

In Smalltown RN's comment, she mentions a home made spray for roses. The only one I have used in the past was dish soap and water in a sprayer and it worked on the roses. Didn't harm the roses and got rid of the bugs. But I will try her remedy of baking soda, vinegar and water. Nice to learn more helpful ideas.

Misty Dawn said...

The cookbook sounds very exciting!!! Your hard work will pay off, I'm sure.

I won't comment on the squash, as I'm not a fan of squash at all.