Sunday, August 28, 2011

Moderation of what?

I've got some questions today and am looking for suggestions -about blogging, Blogspot or Blogger and what some things mean.

A while back, I was getting a lot of comments from an "unknown" blogger -unknown to me, anyway -and although that blogger didn't sign his/her comments using the anonymous button, but rather with a link that went back to his/her blog, several things were quite obvious. One, judging by the grammar being used, it was obvious the posts were not being done by someone whose native tongue was English. And second, the blog(s) this or these people were supposedly writing were nothing but advertising/sales sites. I don't normally have a problem accepting comments from people whose English is not very good, as long as it can be seen that the person actually read and understood my post in the first place. OK, now maybe I need to clarify that a bit because I know I do tend to ramble -a lot -and sometimes my writing as well as my thought processes can be more than a bit convoluted too, so I try to allow for that when reading comments on my posts.

But after a few of the comments that were being left appeared to me to just be the work of a spammer, I then opted to put comment moderation back into use on my blog. I know a lot of other bloggers get really irritated by comment moderation, but I tend to get really agitated too when I start getting lots and lots of comments that make absolutely no sense and if I click into that blogger's link, I don't get taken to a blog with interesting posts. Frankly, I see nothing whatsoever interesting at all in looking at nothing but pictures and advertising for sunglasses or make-up or other things that are of no interest to me whatsoever.

I'm not crazy about putting the comment moderation into action on my blog because it does require a bit more work -sort of -on my part, to click on whether I want to accept and publish a particular comment or if I want to send it to the spam bin.

But now, I see something else from my comment moderation move that really confuses me to no end.

After I click on to publish a particular comment -or comments, as the case may be at times, the "publish" action then takes me to a page that I thought would take me to yet another page pertaining to the comments but instead, it takes me to a Blogger page that says this:

Your current account (my e-mail/g-mail address here) does not have access to view this page.

here to logout and change accounts. 

Now seeing as the e-mail address showing up in this lovely announcement is the one I have to use to log into my blog and seeing as the comments I am moderating were left on MY blog, wouldn't you think I would or should have access to view this page ?  And why would I want to go "Here" to logout and change accounts then anyway when the only account I have pertaining to my blog is this one?

If anyone out there can explain this lovely phenomenon to me, please do so, will ya?

I have a more than adequate amount of confusion in my life, generally created by myself or the grandkids -or occasionally by my kids too -and I really don't need Blogger sending me a message like this that totally confuses the living daylights out of me!

I would try to pose this question to Blogger but, having done that in the past with their forum methodology of solving problems and getting no answers to questions about blogging problems or reader problems or other things of a computer-related origin, I figure why waste my time sending a question to a forum that as far as I am concerned, doesn't really exist to help folks!

In case you haven't picked up on this, my attitude towards Blogger and especially to this response I get when I do moderate the comments left on my blog, it doesn't exactly leave me all smiles and ultra happy but does tend to bring out the really sarcastic, cynical side of me and sometimes that's best left covered up as much as possible!

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terri said...

I wish I had a solution, but having been away from Blogger for so long, I have no idea. I think the spam comment issue is one of the main differences between Wordpress and Blogger. Wordpress has a very nice spam filtering system that is automatic. So while I CAN choose to moderate comments, I've never had to. Anything that seems suspicious goes to a spam file and I can go in and look at it and decide whether or not to let it go through. Of course, this means that once in a great while, a legitimate comment gets held up in that file until I see it and approve it.