Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pleas for Peace, Please!

Just in case you haven't heard, haven't seen this anywhere in the Blogosphere, there's a big event coming up next week -on June 4th -the BlogBlast for Peace! Being my normal, heavy-duty, procrastinating self, I'm just a little bit slow on getting my Peace Globe up and posted but finally decided tonight I better play "Larry, the Cable Guy" and just "Git 'er done!"

If you read all the posts Mimi has put up about a reason to "Blog for Peace" then you know this is something that really needs to be done -and with as much "uumph" -power of words, you know -that we, the blogging community can possibly muster.

I'm not going to write about all the various places around the world where there are terrible struggles going on -some that have been going on now for decades -in the quest for peace. My words are not strong enough -alone -to have any impact on these areas, on these problems. But, with bloggers all around the world united, reaching out, crying for peace, praying that people will some how see the wrong involved in things like genocide, slavery, trying to impose an unwanted regime on people across the hemisphere, maybe, just maybe, our words, our voices will ring out, loud and clear for all the hear to please, hear these pleas, and grant us ALL -every last one of us -PEACE!

I am not saying to people in other countries that the only way to gain peace is to adopt the tenets we have in place here in this country -in the USA. I may believe our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our Declaration of Independence are wonderful but perhaps for other cultures, the words of our documents don't hold the same meaning. Fine! Then sit down with other fair-minded individuals and work out an agreement that works then in each particular country, with each culture.

Each and everyone of us desires freedom, should be able to live without fear of oppression. Those who wage war to try to force a particular type of religion on everyone else would not want that done to them -then why do it to others?

Those who wage wars for financial gain -how long will it take, if you win your cause, before someone else comes along and decides it is time for someone else to control all the wealth and a war erupts all over again? What has been gained other than people's lives -and livelihoods too - being lost, destroyed, some never to be rebuilt again? I fail to see any benefit to actions such as those.

To destroy people -because of their ethnicity -how long will it be before yet another group comes along and decides their group is the one, true people and a people, a culture is perhaps done away with completely?

What really is there to be gained?

By waging war, eventually there is nothing that will be gained.

To find a way to enable people to live, to have shelter, food, clothing, to provide a means for people to walk, talk, work, play, and love each other gives so much more to all concerned -not just a select few.

If each of us decides to announce through our blogs that we believe PEACE is not just a wild and crazy dream but something that is possible, our voices, united, can begin to bring about change -one small step at a time at first but with each word, each step, each movement in that direction, it would -no, it WILL -create a ripple effect that can make the difference needed to stop the violence, end the wars, and yes, bring peace to all mankind.

We here can use our voices to work toward this end by working to end hatred, discrimination, poverty, starvation in various ways -one of which is to exercise your right to vote and in doing so, send a message that killing, plundering, raping under any circumstances is not acceptable.

We can help stop the senseless violence by teaching our children about diversity -the beauty of all people, all cultures -all lands.

Use the power vested in each of us to do whatever possible to educate others in becoming self-sufficient. Use the education, the tools given through that means to show compassion, to spread love, not hate, not war.

Why not take to heart the words of the song -do it now, not tomorrow as tomorrow may be to late -but to "Let There Be Peace on Earth and Let It Begin With Me!"

Just "IMAGINE" how wonderful that would be! John Lennon had the right idea in his song.

Just DO IT NOW - Please!

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Travis said...

I'm gearing up for Peace Week. I have my Peace Globe ready, and I think I know what my post is going to be. I'll work on it this weekend.