Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bedtime Blues

Right now - as I type this - the sounds floating down the stairs, emanating from Miss Maya's room -are not pleasant, not in the least. It's bedtime and a certain little four-year-old has been relegated to retire a bit earlier than her normal time due mainly to behavior issues.

What can I say other than "Them's the breaks, kiddo!"

I think it is more than safe to say that Miss Maya pushed not one but several buttons too many this evening with her mother and as a result -well we have one very unhappy camper, to say the least.

THe other little camper here isn't overly happy either but his issues pertain more to the problems he has from his allergies - itchy eyes, nose and the like -so he's had his evening meds, just needs his last evening bottle and hopefully those meds will all kick in and send him off, peacefully, to dream land.

This evening, one of the things Maya did earlier that started the ball rolling that ended up getting her into deep doo-doo with her mother was to take puzzle piece -from a wooden puzzle belonging to Kurtis, and place said piece under his chin and then, not very gently, push on it again his chin, throat area, ultimately kind of flipping it up and off his nose and face. Of course, Kurtis wasn't in the least bit impressed by his sister's skills -nor was her mother.

Warnings were given to no avail. A time-out was issued that got a loud response of "NO, NO! NO TIMEOUTS!" from Maya. Push finally came to shove and Miss Maya found herself being led, not in the friendliest of manners, and plunked down on the sofa. Tears were shed, loud crying ensued which was echoed then by Kurtis -who does not like it AT ALL when Maya is upset and crying as it just upsets him then too! Wonderful, huh? Stereo screaming! Just what every household should have.

A few more sassy answers and then, Mandy announced very firmly that she'd finally reached her limit and Maya was going to bed.

The instructions were given for her to come over and give Gram a hug and kiss, nite-nite, to which Maya started to weep, saying she couldn't do that because "Gram is mad." No there was a first! First doggone time she ever recognized that Grammy got angry! Not that she hasn't seen it happen, just that it was the first time it dawned on her that this might just be a really convenient excuse for a little extra leeway.

Unfortunately, that ploy didn't work. She did end up coming and giving me a hug and a kiss, went upstairs grudgingly -with a bit of noise -and now, she's in bed and having a royally loud hissy fit.

The only one this will actually upset might be the 16-year-old if she isn't yet asleep. However, if she's asleep, it most likely will never even phase her. She can sleep just exactly like her Dad - like a log!

I should be so lucky!


fermicat said...

Hope it all works out and there is peace!

terri said...

Ah, yes. I remember those days. It makes me glad my kids have long since reached the age of reason and their means of punishing me is to give me the silent treatment. That I can deal with. Thankfully, they are all also of the age where they can sleep through anything! I hope Miss Maya wakes up tomorrow in a more cooperative mood.

Vic Grace said...

To bed was always my solution before I really lost my cool. They might not have needed it but I did.

Sandi McBride said...

I always sent mine to my room for punishment...no tv or music making machines in there...books, that's what they'd find to occupy themselves, lol! Hope Grammy not still angry!

Danielle Says Hello said...

One of the best things and hardest things to do when loving our children/grandchildren is to be consistent. Good job!

Dianne said...

I love your label "hissy fit"

that just says it all!

Janet said...

Ah bedtime, my old nemesis. Makes the nights that go smoothly that much sweeter.

Linda said...

With any luck once she fell asleep she slept for a long, long time after wearing herself out with all of the caterwauling and carrying-on! Good job to everyone for sticking to their guns and not giving in just for a little peace and quiet!

Minnesotablue said...

I sure remember those days and am sure glad they are over. Patience can grow thin.