Saturday, May 31, 2008

And Now - Here He IS!

I introduced you all a few days back -sort of -to the newest member of our family -that being the abandoned dog my son found and brought home to his house. On their way up to Clate's house, of course, he had to stop by here and show his sister and his Mom -along with the next-door neighbor's kids as well, this big dog he had rescued from starvation.

I took my camera with me every time I went out the past three days on the off chance that maybe Clate's roommate, Dan, might have the dog outside and I figured I'd stop and get some pictures of him then but until this evening, I had no luck in that venture.

This evening, Mandy, the two little ones and I had gone into Philipsburg to the Pizza Hut there for supper and on the way home, as we turned down the road into Grassflat, I told Mandy to call ahead and have Dan ready to bring Bon outside so I could do a little photoshoot then ya know. Which he did - and as a result, I now have a couple pictures of this beautiful -really big -dog to show and share with ya'll!

Here he is - looking at the car with Maya seated in the backseat (in her booster chair-carseat) looking back at him. She pretty much gets the same kind of look -that puzzled one -when she sees Bon and I think it is probably the sheer size of him. She doesn't appear to be really frightened of him or anything, just kind of like the rest of us -in awe 'cause baby, he is big!
This is Dan -my son, Clate's roommate -holding onto the lease while Bon looks over the lay of the land at his new home. Dan says each day now he has noticed that Bon is getting a little more alert about things in the house -and outside happenings too. The first day there, he just laid around, barely moving much and when he would stand up, he just trembled as his legs and the rest of his body too, was just too weakened to stand up for more than about a minute.

The second day, when cars would go by the house if they would honk the horn, Bon would attempt to bark in return. Today, as the cars would go by, he had more energy and would bark fairly loudly in return when they honked. Mandy apologized to Dan for that because she always honks the horn every time she drives past her brother's house. (I'm sure the neighbors there really appreciate that!)
Isn't he just a beautiful specimen though? Clate brought his dog book down here Wednesday morning and showed me a picture -and write-up too -of the type of dog he believes Bon most likely is -some kind of Brazilian Mastiff. I think he looks more like a regular mastiff myself.
And this picture, well, it's my favorite of the ones I took this evening of the lovely dog, Bon! My newest "grand-animal."

He sat -on command -to let me take this picture of him and while I was doing that, he could see into the backseat of the car and what caught his eye at that time was little Kurtis, sitting in his carseat, kicking away! When Bon got up from this pose, he went over to the car door which was open and wanted to stick his head into the back seat to get a better look at both Maya and Kurtis there. Dan laughed and said maybe he is smelling the kids and thinking "Ah, lunch!" I think he was just curious as to how those little legs of Kurtis' could move as fast as they do when he starts kicking around like he does!

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Sandi McBride said...

Oh he is odd that you and Teresa ( )have rescued starving dogs in your blogs this week...Teresa's is Buddy Will...a pit mix...there's a special spot in hell that much hotter for child and animal abusers...way hotter...great dog!

fermicat said...

He is a darling!

Your favorite photo is mine too.

Minnesotablue said...

How could anyone abandon a animal of any kind. Thank goodness he has a home now. The pictures say it all

Dianne said...

I like your favorite photo too!

He's beautiful. I love his big sad face.

I'm so happy that he has a home now.

Mushy said...

What a dog! He's very unique!

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