Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Keeping Things Safe!

On this past Labor Day this area saw a local individual severely injured in a crash on his motorcycle and two days later, he died of the injuries. Sadly, he wasn't wearing a helmet and his main injuries were massive head injuries.

While I can understand -sort of -the thoughts of many who don't use helmets while riding a bike because they like the feeling it gives them to ride free of any contraptions that they feel hinder their enjoyment, I still don't understand that particular choice just for being able to feel the wind rushing about them or whatever else it is that they like. I know a helmet is not a guarantee of no injuries if you crash on a motorcycle, but it does lesson the probability of sustaining the severe injuries this ma had when he crashed his bike.

In my mind, a little safety precaution goes a long way and why take a risk like that just in exchange for a wee bit of personal pleasure!

But aside from that, my ex-son-in-law is now a motorcyclist too! It's not his own bike but a neighbor and friend of his has one that he doesn't ride anymore so he has loaned it now to the son-in-law to use. Which is good on one hand because without this bike, he would have no transportation to take him to and from his work nor could he come visit the kids when they are here for a weekend then either. And also, of course, it's how he comes down to my house to do the yard work and any other little repair jobs that might need done around the house too for me.

So far, this motorcycle -for his needs and purposes -seems to be working out quite well. It's in pretty decent running condition so far but of course, with anything mechanical, one never knows when something might wear out or break down and thanks to that good old gentleman named Murphy and his lovely little law, things never do seem to break down when we are flush with money, do they?

The ex-son-in-law is a mechanic by trade and a fairly decent one at that too. With his knowledge of junk yard in the area, often when a vehicle of ours needed repaired, he could often find replacement parts for it at a considerable cost savings then.

But there comes a time now and again when used parts just either aren't available or won't work well if installed and with him now having this motorcycle, it may not work to look for used parts but perhaps he would fare better to know where he can secure cheap motorcycle parts should that need ever arise!

For his sake, I do hope this bike does well for him and maybe will help him to get back on his feet a bit, financially some time in the near future. But just don't do it at the risk of getting poor replacement parts if the bike ever does need worked on!

Be prepared, ya know!

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terri said...

I hope your son in law continues to enjoy his motorcycle AND stays safe!