Wednesday, September 17, 2014


It just doesn't seem possible, to me, that fall is already upon us and moving in very rapidly too!

Leaves have been falling here now for the past month and still the trees are full of a whole lot more yet to come down and beg to be raked! The grass hasn't stopped growing yet either and right now, is getting to a point of dire need to be mowed! Thought the ex-son-in-law was going to be down this past Sunday to take care of the grass and yard work but he never showed up and I got no answer on his cellphone so he must have been busy doing who knows what!

I did finally finish the tablecloth I had begun embroidering back at the end of April! Thank goodness! It was intended to be a wedding gift and I really miscalculated my stitching speed on this particular project as the wedding was June 21st and it took me till the first of September to complete this item! It's a full tablecloth -52 x 70 inches but not a really difficult pattern to do up  -no really nasty or complicated stitchings, etc. Just very time consuming work is all.

I had planned to do this post and include some photos I took of the cloth but unfortunately, when my other computer fritzed out on me, the pictures were on that computer.I will eventually have the pictures from the old computer available to me on a cd or dvd -just as soon as my friend who does work on computers around here gets finished removing the data from the old computer and putting onto a cd or dvd for me!

When he does get finished with that, it;'s going to be a pretty long and drawn out process then for me to transfer the photos to the new computer though.

And, speaking of the new computer -which I really do like very much -I'm still working on getting my e-mail setup "fine tuned" shall we say, to serve my needs and wants. I have always used Eudora for my e-mail because it was the first e-mail program I learned to use back when I worked at the University about 20 plus years ago and I liked it then and still do. But, I think when I downloaded it on this computer, I initially downloaded a newer model of that program as some of the layout is different from what I was accustomed to and some of the functions are in different places -not shown on the toolbar but rather, under some drop down menus and it took me virtually forever to find where they had hidden the icon to open a new folder! Folders and subfolders and the ease for me of using them is the main thing I always liked about Eudora but now, the Eudora setup I downloaded is giving me hissy fits in that almost as soon as I open it, I get a message that Eudora has crashed and am being referred then to some site with Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird. But after two full days now of submitting crash report after crash report and nothing getting done, I'm now using another version of Eudora -called Eudora OSE -which works okay and allows use of folders but no subfolders available on it! Otherwise, it's pretty decent for my purposes.

The thing I do dislike most about this new computer really though is the keyboard! Often the keys are very stiff apparently and as I depress them -especially the space bar -although I know I have hit the key, it doesn't always register and I often end up with a string of letters and garble-de-gook and have to then go in and make the corrections by putting in the spaces where they should be! Just a minor pain in the behind but still a pain in the butt nevertheless ya know!

The new computer also uses Windows 8.1 so that is an interesting setup for me to learn how to operate many of the new things it has on it. It even has a button for using Amazon and E-bay but I don't think I'll tell Mandy about that when she comes home next time or she'll be on E-bay the whole time she's here then!

Would I recommend this particular computer to someone else though who just needs a nice, inexpensive home computer? Yes, indeed I would because overall thus far, this unit is really nice for a computer user like me!  It didn't come with a monitor but my monitor that I already had was the same brand as this computer (an Acer Aspire) and has never given me any problems whatsoever -good picture quality and a decent enough sized screen for my work area here.

Now if I could just find the program for the card game Solitaire that was on my old computer, I'd really be set!

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