Saturday, November 30, 2013


Oh Brother! That's about all I can say these days with respect to a certain former member of my family!

He's broke! Nothing new, nothing unusual about that with him because that's pretty much a constant with most everyone in (and out too) of the family here. But he's REALLY broke!

Lives in a room at the house his employer has. Works for him and the boss even drives him to the area where he has to report in to pay his child support payments so he actually makes them on time that way and doesn't get picked up and tossed in the clink for non-payment of child support for half of the minor children he is supposed to be paying support for. (The other half -the mother gets nothing because the order was for next to nothing to begin with and somehow, he is able to skirt around paying for those kids.

As if that isn't bad enough there, he has absolutely common sense whatsoever when it comes to handling money, paying bills, etc.

He has never grasped the concept that if you work and get paid and let's say, you clear $400 and have to pay bills, living expenses, plus maybe allow a little for yourself when the bills are paid, it those expenses total less than the $400, okay -you're "safe" then for that pay period. But, if those expenses come to say $400.01 -just one lousy penny over that $400 make -then you don't have that much money to spend! Basic simple math, isn't it?

Apparently not because the latest thing he's been yammering about is how he is going to somehow or other purchase a cheap fender princeton and still have money left to pay his basic expenses!

When he starts talking to my son or daughter -or anyone else within earshot -about these kind of potential transactions he's going to make, it just infuriates me to no end! For crying out loud, do the math and quite telling people all these tall tales then!

Definitely time for a big reality check, in my book!

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