Saturday, November 30, 2013

Literally Speaking....

It's been a hectic week having the kids here the whole time instead of just for a weekend but it's also had several times during the past seven days that have hit me as being downright hilarious.

Those of you who know me -and know about my family -are aware that my two younger grandkids (Maya and Kurt) are both autistic. Overall, both kids are doing fantastic most of the time. But every now and again, something will pop up that totally cracks me up.

This past Monday was one of those days!

One of my Avon customers had stopped by the house Monday morning to pick up here most recent order from me and as we sat at the dining room table, chatting over a cup of coffee, I was also showing her the demo items I had purchased that will be introduced on the new brochure for Campaign one.

One of the items in the group was this pretty little headband -for young girls -of a goldtone filigree type design. A very pretty little thing it is and of course, I had bought it to show as well as for a gift for Maya -my little Diva granddaughter who dearly loves being all dressed up to the nines, ya know!

I hadn't told Maya it was for her -still planning it as sort of a surprise gift for her -but I called to her and asked her to come out in the dining room for a minute or two as I had something I wanted to show her.

So she came out and stood beside me and I got this little headpiece out of the wrapper and put it on her and told her I wanted her to model it for my customer. She was quite happy to do that and jokingly, I mentioned to her that she was being my "guinea pig" -just like the girl in the Avon brochure was.

After a minute or two of her checking this headpiece out, I took it off her, re-wrapped it in the tissue paper and put it back in my demo bag. Meanwhile, Maya went back to whatever she'd been doing previously -or so I thought.

However, about 5-10 minutes later, she reappeared beside me, holding the next campaign brochure in her hands and she had it open to the page where the headpiece is shown. She pointed that out to me and then said, "Gram, there's something wrong here because I looked all over this page and there's no guinea pigs on it!"

Did I howl laughing at that?

You bet your sweet bippy I did!

Then I had to stop and explain to her that my using the words "guinea pig" about her wearing that headpiece was just a figure of speech. No real guinea pigs involved in that advertisement whatsoever!

Lucky for me, she understands fairly well the term, "figure of speech" and she knew then what I meant by saying that.

But we sure did have a really good laugh over that one!


Mrs4444 said...

That's really cute. All kids, but especially those on the spectrum, are so literal! :)

terri said...

What a funny kid! Love the things your grandkids come up with.