Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Things are happening around here and if we aren't really careful, I fear we're gonna be really sorry sometime in the near future.

Jorge is on the prowl, searching for something. In every nook and cranny she can find, but so far, I don't THINK she's found what she's looking for. Here, she almost got into trouble trying to regain her footing, climbing up on the radiator where Mandy had some jeans drying.

What's the deal? I really thought I'd surely find what I'm looking for here but nope, no dice.

Have you figured out yet what Jorge is looking for? Keep in mind, this cat is still partially a kitten -not fully grown -not exactly, not yet but she's close enough to be fully grown that as she wanders throughout the house, up in the front window, trying to climb the screens in the bow window, she's also constantly crying, mewling, wailing, darned near sobbing -if cats can do that. And, after listening to her incessant noise-making all day today and all night too, I'm about ready to go out looking for some darned Tomcat and bring it home for her, just to shush her up a bit! Matter of fact, even Mandy -who is notorious for LOVING every thing cats dow, regarding all their actions as being sweet and oh, so cute -well, tonight, Mandy was about ready to pick up a shoe and pitch it in Jorge's direction I think, if she thought it would shut the poor cat up!

Most definitely, as soon as the income tax refund check arrives, the vets gets a call for Jorge to be seen and be given a bit of surgery to render her non-productive -EVER! And hopefully, that will eliminate the activities we've had to listen to, being replayed over and over for us too.

In the meantime though, please send me some good earplugs, will ya?

Yeah, if you look really closely here at Mandy, I think you can almost pick up on the look in her eyes - that look of displeasure -and when she gets it, it often seems like her eyes have changed color from the pretty blue they really are to a flashing black - just like her dad's do too when he gets really angry and upset. Yep, she's his daughter for sure in that respect!

Or maybe she was just thinking, trying to remember where she left a pair of shoes or slippers that they might be handy to grab and heave them in Jorge's direction. Could be, could be.

Yeah, this whole issue even has Kurtis upset too. Or maybe he's just worried that Jorge is about to spy the English muffin he has in one hand and the half a bagel with cream cheese on it he's holding in the other and that Jorge's gonna suddenly leap up at him and try to snatch one or the other out of his hot little hands. Trust me when I tell you this, he's one very testy little fellow where his food is concerned -especially when it is something like a bagel with cream cheese on it. You definitely don't want to try to come between him and his beloved bagel then!

Here's one person in the household who isn't the least bit bothered by Jorge's loud whining, crying, bawling, moaning, you name it noises! Nope, not at all. Miss Maya just pulled out her napsack, spread it on the floor and curled up on it and went to sleep, nice as can be. Just look how peaceful she is there. Doesn't she just look the complete image of being just the sweetest little angel though? Be careful answering that last question there because appearances can be extremely deceiving and don't I just know it too as I wander through the house stopping to clean up at least six blobs of toothpaste dropped in six different locations with only one big smear of the stuff on the bathroom vanity!

Just a few of the reasons that make me wanna do this!!! And I think that's exactly what I'm gonna try and do now too! Nite all. Sleep tight.


Unknown said...

Poot's cat had kittens just over a week ago. One of them looks just like my cat Harry. Harry had his nards bobbed a good 7 years ago. Go Figure. I wonder if he saved up one time for this occasion. LOL

Ah the heat of spring.

Later Y'all.

Dianne said...

Jorge definitely needs to be fixed. check out the ASPCA or animal site - you can find a clinic that will do it for far less than a private vet. Usually I don't like or use animal clinics but for spay/neuter for a healthy, young cat they do a great job.

As always, great pics - If Mandy gave me that look I'd be scared!

lattégirl said...

Let me get this straight: the kitten's a she and her name is... Jorge? You do realize that means George, right? :-P

Jeff B said...

We have three kittens/cats that are tuning six months old right now. Time for a visit to the vet's office around here too.

Not looking forward to the bill on that one. OUCH!

Travis Cody said...

Yikes! I read another blog with a female cat in heat too.

I'm glad I got a neutered old guy!

Sandi McBride said...

Welcome to my world...I'm to the point where the cats own the house and we're just lucky they let us live here...okay, so what was with Miss Mandy? Lord, I need a nap

the mother of this lot said...

I think Maya's got the best idea!

Have you seen this: