Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Shop Around!

I don't really do much in the way of "shopping" per se -at least not the kind where I take off and disappear for the bulk of a day and come back home loaded with purchases.

I do "shop around" though a bit. However, most of that exercise involved visits to the local Goodwill Store where I look for old plates or glassware, candlestick holders, or other small pieces that could easily be converted to use as a pedestal for in between plates when I put together 2-tiered or 3-tiered dishes for pretty little serving pieces.

These are photos of some of the various tiered dishes some of the members of our church's women's group has made and which we will be offering for sale at our Fall Bazaar on November 23rd. I like to look for unusual or pretty old plates that can be coordinated to make a nice tiered plate with them so I have made a few that I have in my house now too.

Aside from the old dishes shopping stuff, lately I have been shopping around in search of something I can use for something, some place, to organize my information pertaining to my Avon customers, their likes/dislikes, purchases and other notes along those lines.

Between looking around at local stores, I've also been checking out potential leads online too. I have found some really neat things online -mainly pertaining to kitchen type additional stores -like these cabinet organizers from ovis - many of which I really would like to incorporate in my kitchen (if I ever win the lottery, ya know) but these types of organizers were of no help to me right now for my needs with my Avon route, unfortunately.

The thing is, I have an idea in my mind what I need, what I want, what would work, but I don't really know how to describe it completely.

However, I do believe that if I ever see something that I think will work really well for me, I am of the opinion that I will know it when I see it but until something pops up in front of me, guess I'll just have to continue in my search.

Good thing I do enjoy "shopping around" though, isn't it?


Suldog said...

As you may know, we always have Thanksgiving at our house. And you've just given me the BEST idea. I've always liked three-tiered plates, always thought they added a certain charm to any gathering, but I've never owned one. I will be buying one (an inexpensive one, as cash isn't plentiful right now) for candies and mints, and it will be the perfect touch. Thanks, Jeni!

terri said...

These are such a great idea! I've often found myself wishing I had a tiered serving dish, but have yet to get one.

Kat said...

MADE THEM? They look fantastic! I love them!

Unknown said...

It sounds to me like what you want for your Avon stuff is a simple computer contact manager or sales data base. There are a number of them available as freeware on line although I have no idea how easy (or hard) they are to use.

Unknown said...

As usual, Unknown is Bud