Sunday, October 20, 2013

New Friend in the House?

Well, fall is definitely here and by the way the temps have been falling, more and more now, winter is hot on Autumn's tail, for sure. In case those folks who read my blog aren't aware of this, the forecast for this week actually includes a possibility of snow in our area.

 Now that, I'm definitely not ready to see happen just yet but the fact remains that ready or not, it could be here sometime this week. (I'm really hoping whichever forecaster made this prediction that they were wrong!)

 And today, if there were any other doubts in my mind about fall being here, what I came home to this afternoon definitely cemented that in my mind.

 I'd gone over to State College to the hospital where my daughter works to take her (and her work friends) two containers of home made soup I had made and of which we had a good bit leftover. One was a container of Stuffed Pepper Soup, which Kate and I both really like and the other was a decently enough flavored chicken noodle soup. Normally, I'm not that big on making soups but for whatever unexplainable reason this week I decided to make two different kinds and make each one completely from "scratch" too! Considering our Church Women's Group has decided this year for our meal at our Fall Bazaar we are not going to serve Lasagne as we have done for many years in the past but instead, we will be offering "soup and a sandwich" Just a little bit of a change of pace there. Not fully sure what for sandwiches we will have but I think we'll be serving choices between ham salad, egg salad and possibly tuna salad on croissant rolls. And as to the soups, I'm not really positive on what flavors we will have of the soups either but I think Vegetable Beef, Chicken noodle and split-pea with ham. I don't know how we're going to handle getting enough soups made for this event yet either along with kettles or crockpots too but I'm sure it will all come together eventually!

 But anyway, a bit off track there about the soups and sandwich issues and back to what happened to me when I got back home this afternoon! When I walked in the cat, good old Pearl the Purrball, was racing and chasing around the kitchen at a speed that made a person think her tail must be on fire. Then I heard a noise of her hitting at something followed immediately by her batting at something that seemed at first to be some object rolling around the floor. (A game she dearly loves to play with ANYTHING she finds on the floor ya know.)

Well this time there was something else on the floor alright but it wasn't moving because Pearl was hitting it to make it move. It was moving and very quickly too, weaving in and out and around, trying to get clear of Pearl!

 If you guessed the "guest" in the house was a little gray field mouse, you would be the winner of the prize for the day, whatever that might be.

Let me tell you, that little mouse kept Pearl quite interested for at least 3 hours this afternoon and she chased it, cornered it, batted at it on numerous occasions but never was able to catch Miss Mousie! (I suppose the fact Pearl is declawed has something to do with her inability to actually snag and snare the mouse though.) Finally, a little after 6 p.m., Kate saw something on the floor near the cellar door and called to her boyfriend, Josh, to look at it and there was the mouse, sitting very quietly -perhaps playing opossum -and having somewhat of a stare down contest then with Pearl! It was too comical for words when at one point, the mouse (which Josh initially thought was dead because it didn't appear to be moving at all) did move and it scooted over and up against Pearl's thick, long furry coat, snuggling right up against Pearl's side! Incredible, you say! Well, I can't prove that as I didn't have my camera handy when that happened but I did get a picture of that action. I did however manage to get this shot of the cat and the mouse having more of the stare down action and here that is as living proof too!
That little round object on the floor, in front of Pearl, is -yes -the mouse! We think Pearl chased it so long and hard that the poor thing was just totally exhausted.

At various times, during Pearl's little game with Miss Matilda Mouse, Sam even joined forces with her and was helping to ferret the mouse out and chasing it too!

It was almost as if the cat and dog were comrades in arms in this chase. If they knew anything about being comrades and if they knew what is a challenge coin they could have had a high old time then, I think. 

Josh, Kate's boyfriend, rescued the mouse from its precarious pose here -got it into a medium-sized plastic storage container and then, gently carried it outside and released it in the front yard. 

Considering how cold it was tonight now when I took Sam out for our nightly walk, I almost felt sorry for the poor little mouse having to find shelter from the elements now! 

Then again -no, not so much as I really don't like the idea of holes chewed in everything and anything and mouse dirt all over the place. As it is, since I have no idea how long this little thing has been inside, I suppose we'll have to keep an eye out now for more mice and maybe even little "meeses!"

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