Wednesday, October 30, 2013


This week is rapidly beginning to look like seven days of non-stop activity for me! Today, I had a chance to go to lunch with several of my former high school classmates -seven classmates, one from a class three years below my class and another who is the spouse of one of my classmates and me -as the 10 of us gathered together for a delightful time of sharing news and loads of camaraderie as we told stories on each other and things like that. And we even had an added attraction today too as our friend, Jean, brought her little two-year-old great-granddaughter with her too! Sofie has been a guest at several of our lunch get-togethers and her presence always provides a lot of extra fun for the old-timers then, ya know!

 Definitely had a very good time!

 After lunch, I had to make a run to Milesburg to meet up with my daughter and give her the Avon orders she had taken for a few of her co-workers. I was supposed to meet her yesterday but unfortunately, those plans went down the tubes when I had the problems with the latch on my car door breaking on me!

 That kind of set the tone then for me for what may be a really wicked busy week ahead for me!

 This coming Thursday, I have a doctor's appointment with at my GP's office -just a routine six-month checkup -but that's going to use up several hours of my "delivery/sales" time with the Avon. Then, on Friday -I have to drive down to Milroy to meet Mandy and the grandkids there and we will swap cars for the weekend and also, she will drive back to her place in Middletown in quiet -except, I'm sure, for her radio or CD player blasting while I will drive back home listening to Maya and Kurt either talking incessantly during the 70 mile trip or else, they will be fighting, also probably incessantly, and I'll be yelling at them frequently to "Do not TOUCH each other!"

 Regardless of how well-behaved they might be (which is highly unlikely to have that happen) or how many times I have to yell at them to behave (which is probably what will take place most of the drive to my house), I'm still very much looking forward to having the kids here with me for the weekend anyway!

 Saturday afternoon, my game plan is to take the kids to this fund raising event in Philipsburg called a "Ghost Walk." Now, I know you're probably thinking but Jeni, Halloween will be over Thursday so what's the bit with a "Ghost Walk" then, anyway? Well, it's just a neat little way to give people tours around Philipsburg to point out to them where various businesses that used to exist in Philipsburg over the years had been located and to inform folks about what a bustling little town it was that used to exist there!

 The fund raising though is for a very special cause and one that is near and dear to my heart, for sure as it is to raise funds for the local Front and Centre Theatrical Group that has sprung up in the past 3-4 years or so in Philipsburg.

 This group has at its core the youth of the Moshannon Valley and gives the kids an opportunity to be part of some really great productions a couple times during the year.

 Maya participated in I think 3 or 4 plays they put on, perhaps even more than that as my memory sometimes gets things a bit mixed up ya know! But one thing I do know is what a great time she had participating in these plays and how much she learned with respect to singing, dancing, performing and she did great!

 The Theatrical Company is trying to secure funding to open their own place in town now though as they really do need a building that they can call home where they can practice and prepare for each and every upcoming production they have planned now. But the really great thing about the "home" they are trying to create for the group is that they have given it a name too. It will be called "Pappy Jack's Place" and that will be in memory of my cousin's husband -the late, John E."Jack" Weaver, who devoted many, many hours of his time to see to it that the sets for the plays and many of the other materials that were needed were provided to them by him!

 Jack was one really multi-talented man to have on the scene when trying to put together the plays the kids did! I told my cousin the other day that I couldn't think of any type of thing that Jack couldn't already do -be it carpentry, plumbing, wiring, costuming too! He was great at being the "Jack" of all trades, for sure and he loved doing it, donating his time and talents so these kids could put their best foot forward and do it all in style and class too!

 And much as I am looking forward to taking Maya and Kurtis to this event, there is just one small problem lurking for me in the background though!

 I still have to find the time to get my Avon orders all delivered and hopefully, get lots and lots of new orders for Avon Products then as well and also, I still need to carve out some time to do at least a minimal amount of cleaning in the olde homestead here and cooking a couple of meals for the grandkids and probably my son and Katie (the step-granddaughter) who is currently living here with me! I'd also like to find some time to work on my latest embroidery project too but that might be pushing my luck, I'm thinking.

 Now, best case scenario, in my mind, to cope with all these things that will need my attention is to find a maid or at least something akin to house cleaning services in Raleigh NC

There's no two ways about it that my time is going to come at a premium for the next 6-7 days, for sure and the maid service -well, as nice a thought as that would be to me (with or without all the other things going on in my life), I rather doubt that one will come about.

But, then again, if perchance, I happen to hit it lucky -REALLY, REALLY lucky, ya know and hit the Powerball lottery tomorrow night, who knows what I'll be able to do then!

So how about giving me some help here by maybe shaking a rabbit's foot or wishing me some darned good, strong Karma that I would have to have come my way in order to get all the right numbers on my ticket!

That's really the kind of HELP that I do really, really need, ya know!


Unknown said...

Well, Jeni, none of my good luck charms and totems seem to be working for me, but perhaps they'll work cross-country. My daughter did theater when she was little and, of course, theater (watching not participating) is one of our favorite dates.

Unknown said...

As usual, unknown is Bud