Thursday, May 30, 2013

What's Going to Go, What's Going to Stay Put?

I've mentioned off and on here that my daughter -who has been my support system here for the past 10 years now -has decided to move away from this area this summer.

Obviously, I'm not super happy about this change in my life -actually, this entails a whole bunch of changes -but anyway, one of the things I really do worry about is the way this is going to affect the grandkids and how well they will adjust to the new area then.

Sometimes, they seem like they are doing fine with changes -whether big ones or small ones and other times, the least little thing of what is the ordinary to their world creates a bit of panic for them.

One thing for sure that I don't see being feasible to move away from here is the swingset Mandy acquired for them about 2 years ago when a neighbor here moved out of the house he and his family had been renting and they left this swing set behind. It's super heavy -made of wood, not metal and the kids do enjoy it a lot, especially Kurtis.

They're going to have enough problems already trying to move furniture and oodles of clothes to start with plus, they need to have something left here too that they can play on/with on the occasions they come back home to visit.

If they were to take this swing set, it would be akin to traveling a couple hundred miles down the east coast and getting swing sets Chesapeake Va for the kids, ya know. Either way, it would be totally not feasible a venture, would it?

I'm still very much just dreading this change though to my life and to the kids' lives too. I suggested the other day to Mandy that perhaps it would be easier if she left the kids here with me for a few weeks after they get the furniture moved and such and just get a bit settled in before taking the kids down there.

Judging by the look she gave me, I don't think she thought too highly of my idea as being a game plan though.

Guess I'll just have to play the wait and see game now, won't I?


terri said...

This is going to be a major change for everyone, I know. I know how hard it will be for you. I hope that the kids will transition without too much trouble.

Maggie May said...

Must be a night mare just thinking about it and I really do feel for you.
Maggie x

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