Monday, May 06, 2013


There have been some issues at school this past year with Kurtis -issues that are not of the academic sort but rather "Socialization Skills."

I think I'd rather deal with the academic issues because making headway with him on these socialization skills things is like beating a brick wall -or so it has often seemed to be.

For several months, over the winter, we had problems with him using the bathroom. Not that he didn't use the bathroom appropriately for what it's meant to be used for but because almost every time he went into the bathroom he came out exposing himself -primarily, his back side!

Yeah -not even 7-years old and already trying to moon everyone!

At home though, he frequently becomes "Mr. Modesty" himself! If you happen to open the bathroom door and he's in there, regardless of his mission, he's likely to scream at you "No come in here! No loooka me!" Okay, okay! And we've learned to back off and slink away until he vacates the premises.

Now, his "mooning" has tapered off lately -hasn't done that in about 6 weeks or so, and perhaps -if we're lucky -maybe we've seen the last of those episodes. But the modesty attacks at home still continue.''

However, the other morning, I had just gotten out of the shower and was standing on the mat in front of the tub and he came charging in there (knocking is an unheard of entity, ya know) and there I was in all my naked glory, with only a bath towel wrapped as far around me as it would reach.

He glanced over at me and began to giggle so I decided to give him a dose of his own medicine as I yelled out at him,  "No look at me! No look at me!"

Mandy and Maya were both in the bathroom with me as Mandy was doing Maya's hair and both of them totally cracked up laughing as Kurtis scampered as fast as he could go, out of the bathroom and to a safer place at that time.

One with no X-rated views, I would imagine!


terri said...

Hahaha! He got a taste of his own medicine, didn't he? Maybe that's just what he needed to really understand how important privacy and modesty are when it comes to using the bathroom.

Travis Cody said...

HA! Turn about is fair play, eh?

Unknown said...

My daughter and her husband are very relaxed about the kids wandering in when they are dressing or showering ... or even using the bathroom ... so Muri and I have to be very certain to lock doors when we are doing things that we still describe as "private"

Unknown said...

I'm having trouble logging in as myself so I'm leaving a message so you know its me

Bud aka Older Eyes