Friday, May 24, 2013

Fickle Entities!

Thought today I would address somethings in my life (maybe in others too) that are annoying little tidbits. Not necessarily life threatening or announcing the end of the world being near but just, well -annoying as all get out at times. Here's one that I personally am not experiencing but a good friend of mine is having some difficulties this week with her Facebook account. Seems because she got a new e-mail address a short while ago that she had to change her Facebook account then to make that reflection there and since she did that, she can still get on to Facebook, can read and share but can't comment on any posts on there! Now I have to say this that I haven't seen this particular lady friend in 55 years -since SHE graduated from high school -but she was a good communicator (i.e. talker) back then and subsequently, she is usually a very active and good communicator still when she's on Facebook. And to be able to read all the posts from her many friends but no being able to comment on them -well, this is about to drive her completely over the edge, ya know. She says she has tried about everything imaginable to be able to get her Facebook back to working the way it should and all to no avail. Not being a really techie type person myself, I know I would be in quite a pickle if I had a problem like that crop up on my Facebook and so, I can totally empathize with her issues there, can't you? Yesterday, I managed to talk to two different mortgage consultants about the possibility of getting a reverse mortgage in place on my property -so I won't have to try to sell my beloved old homestead -and each of these two gentlemen checked about the regulation I had been told on Tuesday would prevent me from acquiring this type of mortgage -and both of them then informed me that they could process a reverse mortgage for me after all, with no hang ups on it due to any FHA regulations! So, that was a nice bit of information given to me, for sure and improves my thoughts processes and attitude a whole lot, as you can imagine. But it also has me wondering why the loan consultant at my local bank would have told me there is an FHA regulation that would block my getting a reverse mortgage? Ah, the fickleness of big business, maybe? But the thing that is really annoying me of late is the fickleness of good old Mother Nature! I'm thinking maybe someone should try to check and see if she is perhaps being inflicted with a very severe case of PMS or perhaps -at her age -even worse, she might be dealing with menopause. Judging by the way the temps have been veering up high one day, extra humidity factors to really make a person sweat big, big droplets and are akin to those obnoxious hot flashes many of us have had to endure in our "golden" years of life, one day and the next day, the temperature is often any where from 15-20 degrees lower (in some instances even a larger gap than that) to the point of running fans and/or air conditioning one day and having to turn the furnace on the next day because it's just that chilly then to need a little bit of head to prevent frozen fingers and toes! And tomorrow, it's supposed to be even colder here with even the threat of frost! Holy Rip! Enough is enough, isn't it? I am however still standing by what I said during the cold winter months when I told friends and family that come summer, no matter how hot it gets, if I start to bitch, remind me that I said I wasn't going to do that this year. And I still intend to follow that commitment. However, I never said I wasn't going to complain if this fickle wench can't decide which season she's dropping on us! It's spring, getting close to being summer, and we shouldn't be needing winter coats, hats and mittens! So, please Mother Nature, take your meds, get your inner thermostat regulated and bring on the sunshine and warmth we've craved for long enough now!


CiCi said...

You didn't have as many things annoying you as I thought you would have so life sounds pretty good at your place right now. We do each of us have things that bug us to distraction. I hope you get as much information about the reverse mortgage that you can. Regarding Mother Nature, I think she is reaching the end of her rope watching us mistreat the earth.

Maggie May said...

Nothing more annoying than being out of control when it comes to technology. Thats one of the reasons I don't do Facebook or anything more difficult than blogging!
Maggie x

Nuts in May

terri said...

I'm thrilled to hear you can get the reverse mortgage after all! I know how hard it would be for you to have to leave your home of so many years.