Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Confusion -Children and for Me!

First off, I'm asking here if anyone can explain what the heck is going on with my blog anyway? If you look at my last post, it appears that I don't have any break at all in it -no separation by paragraph!

Now, I know I didn't type it that way and when I looked at it on Blogger, using the "Edit" feature, it all showed up fine and dandy -paragraphs in the places where they were intended to be. This has happened to me on several occasions now and I haven't clue one as to what the heck causes this! Okay -that's MY confusion issue of the moment -not necessarily of the day or the week -but just at this point in time.

 Now, I'm moving on to tell you a couple little stories of confusion, I guess, on the part of both my younger grandkids. Sometimes, they get things with no problem. By "Get" there I mean, "understand." Sometimes, they are a bit off-center though. And these are the most recent instances for Maya and Kurtis.

Tonight, at the supper table, I don't know how the conversation turned to this, but according to their Mother, they were discussing what goes into various things and she asked them about "Pig's Feet." Maya's response to that was "Oh yeah. They go in Pigs in a Blanket."

 This morning, as I stood at the front door with Kurtis, waiting for the van to arrive to take him to school, he informed me that "Bear-Bear" (which just happens to be his most treasured possession, his security item, ya know and "Bear-Bear" is a big old fluffy pillow type item that Kurtis has to have when he goes to bed and occasionally, Bear-Bear goes with him to church or other places when he's got a bit of trepidation)-well, Bear-Bear was going to school today according to Kurt. So, knowing sometimes when he's a bit antsy about something, he's been known to stuff Bear-Bear into his backpack, so I asked him if he had Bear-Bear in his backpack.

 "No," Kurt told me, "He's going to preschool in the afternoon!"

Hmmm. Interesting concept there as I have no idea what form of transportation he thinks Bear-Bear may have to get to pre-school and don't know which pre-school it may be either that Bear-Bear is supposed to be attending!

 And, my last little humor tidbit here concerns Miss Maya and our walk on Saturday with the mutt.

 I walk the dog, usually twice a day, taking him down our road to where the woods begin and then, back home again. It's not a long, long walk -about 2/3 of a mile maybe, round-trip. Lately, when I walk Sammy in the early evening hours, Maya has been wanting to go with me, and I appreciate her company and the conversations we often have during those walks too.

Saturday evening, about 5:30, we set out to take Sammy for his stroll and in passing my good friend, Kate's home, saw her husband out front, mowing the bank of their yard. We nodded and waved to Jim and kept walking.

On the way back to the house, as we came up to Kate and Jim's house, I saw that Jim had completed his mowing job and remarked to Maya that "Jim's yard really looks very nice now, doesn't it?" Maya looked around, a bit confused and said "Where?"

I realized she didn't understand exactly what area I was talking about so I gave a wave of my hand to indicate their yard. She nodded and then said to me, "You mean Kate's yard, don't you?"

 "No, Maya." I went on to tell her the yard was Kate and Jim's yard to which she stopped dead in her tracks and with a very astonished and shocked expression on her face said "You mean they LIVE together?"

Uh, yes they do as they have been married for a good number of years -going on 48 or 49 come October and they have three daughters as well as 4 grandchildren I explained to her. "Oh yeah, I think I know one of their grandchildren," says Maya. "Her name is Sierra." At that, I stopped and said "What?" and then Maya corrected herself, saying "Oh no. It's Katie!"

 Apparently she somehow got my friend Kate's granddaughter's name confused somehow initially and decided her name might be Sierra because Maya's half-sisters are named Katie and Sierra, respectively by age. That's the only explanation I could come up with as to why the name Sierra popped into her head. But anyway, I must say that I cracked up laughing about her consternation of Kate and Jim just living together.

Just too doggone comical how kids understand some things and yet, not really. She knows Kate, my friend, quite well, as she occasionally accompanies me down to Kate's house and Kate often stops here too but apparently she has rarely been there when Kate's husband Jim is around, plus at church, Jim sings in the choir so he rarely sits in the pew with Kate at services so I guess it's understandable why she didn't realize they were a couple and were married.

 And, that's my little interjection of humor for today!

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terri said...

I checked your last post and all the spacing seemed to be in order. I wonder if it's the way your internet browser is displaying it that makes it look all wonky to you?

Those grandkids of yours say the cutest things! But Maya's surprise that Jim and Kate live together is priceless!