Thursday, November 08, 2012

Flying Away?

Where does the time go? Why is it some days just seem to drag, on and on and feel never ending and yet, a week after things felt that way, I wonder what the heck happened to those days because then it just seems the days flew off and away!

Last week was really one of those weeks for me and this week seems to be building up to be the same way.

There was so much going on last week from Wednesday thru Sunday and it seemed on Wednesday that I had plenty of time to do this, that and several other things and before I knew it, Sunday had arrived and granted, I got the things that were absolute necessity done, I still somehow managed to not get a whole lot of other things I should have been able to tend to!

Wednesday was Halloween -as I think you all know and remember that day. Maya was all hepped up to go trick or treating and Mandy had earlier in the month decreed that because Kurtis was having so many behavioral problems in school, that she was taking away the privilege of going trick or treating from him this year.

I thought about this idea, this disciplinary plan of hers and gave a lot of consideration into stepping into the fray and objecting that this might be a little over the top to do to the kid, but decided that I would keep my two cents where they should really belong -in my own mind.

But as the time drew closer to Halloween, Mandy came to me one day and voiced her concerns then too about taking this away from him and she said she had decided to allow him to go trick or treating after all with Maya.

I was relieved;; I'm pretty sure Mandy was happy with her decision and Kurtis -well, he was as you can just imagine, ecstatic!

She put together a little makeshift costume for him with a nice little dress-type hat -the kind most grown men wear with the folds in them on the top, ya know, and she got him a pair of plastic glasses with a big nose to go with the hat, dressed him in a nice pair of slacks, dress shirt and vest and told him he was going to be a "Gangster!" And he loved it as did the various houses where the kids stopped to show off for our friends and neighbors. (Maya was true to form -a witch! That girl has a fixation with being either a witch or a princess -very little variations there from her from year to year!)

As they were getting ready to leave to do their thing, Maya came up to me and reminded me that I was to be in charge of handing out candy and as such, would I please try not to give out all the "Whuppers!"

"The 'what-ers?" was my first reply and then she pointed into the bowl of candy at the little mini-packs of "Whoppers" that were in there and as she showed them to me, it dawned on me that yes, that's what she thinks that word says!

But, whuppers or whoppers -we all sure did get a big kick out of that one from her. Mandy and I decided that she most certainly must get her love for those candies straight from her grandfather because good old Poppy, who lives out in Nevada, ALWAYS loves those things too!

Thursday, last week, I spent cooking tomato-meat sauce for the three pans of lasagne I ended up making to take out to our Church Bazaar on Saturday. I also baked bread again and got 5 more loaves of Swedish Limpa Rye baked up to take to the bake sale part of our bazaar too. That meant I had 9 loaves of the Rye bread in all for the bakesale plus, I also had 10 packages of sweet rolls (6 to each pack) that I had baked and iced and were in the freezer ready to go out to the church then Friday night when we met to do the final set-up for our annual event.

To show you how scattered my mind was by Saturday morning when I left to go out to the church, I forgot completely about taking my camera with me!

Therefore, I have no photos to share today of that event!

The attendance this year was down from previous years and we think it may have been caused by a foul up on our advertising that we were supposed to have in two of the local newspapers in their "Weekend events" section as well as the fact there was no advertising that happened with the local radio station either! All this had been taken care of by the two women who always do handle that stuff and they both attested to the fact they had done what was needed in those areas so now, the fact it got no coverage from those resources is a mystery yet to be solved! Sure hope if we have another event that we are able to get a little bit of mention the next time around!

So anyway, that is pretty much how the days went by for me last week. By the time I got finished with all that cooking and baking, I was worried that my sweatshirt would never come clean of all the tomato sauce that had splattered on it and all the flour dust that had found a home on my shirt and jeans too! (It did all wash out very nicely though so nothing to worry about there after all!)

This week -election day, a meeting at church and cookbooks -the things I'm dealing with and will be part of my next post then.

At least that's my current game plan but that, like so many other things in life, is also very subject to change too -well except for the election day anyway!



Maggie May said...

You've been very busy. Hope the tomato stains came out of the sweatshirt. It is so annoying when it doesn't. Halloween is over and so is your election! Hope you were happy with the result.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Dianne said...

I love "the what-ers?"
you kill me

Hope had Halloween in a parking lot
because of the storm
a bunch of parents all parked in a circle and decorated the cars and then the kids trick or treated from car to car within the circle
Hope told me "I went around twice!"