Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Available -Again!

A year ago, our Church Women's Group put together a great cookbook and were able to introduce it and begin our sales campaign at our Fall Bazaar last year. We ordered 300 of these cookbooks at that time and sales over the next two months were quite brisk. It seemed for a time that every day I was either having someone stop by my house to pick up a copy (or several) or I was running around the area delivering requests and frequently, running to the post office to ship cookbooks out all over the country.

Here's a refresher photo of the cover of our cookbook -which is easy to clean, just wipe it off -as well as being very attractive too.
For some reason or other, Blogger won't let me center this photo which is just an example of the way the book is set up and the print. But, just for your information, it contains 586 recipes -all typed into the publisher's data base by my little pinkies! We selected a font that would be easy to read and slightly larger too -to allow for people to be able to read it with ease! And the fact that it is a three-ring binder, makes it easy then to put more recipes in it as you add ones you like to your own recipe collections!

Anyway, we sold these books and finally had sold the last one back in June or July of this year. We had the option that would could order a reprint of the book but had decided initially that it was too big of a risk for our group to take as the minimum amount we HAD to order to get a reprint was 100 copies and we were leery if we would be able to sell that many more copies of the book.

However, by October, it became evident to our group that we probably should take a chance and order a reprint and so, that is what we did -100 copies!

They arrived last Wednesday -a mere 4 days AFTER our annual Fall Bazaar -but since last Wednesday, I have sold two book outright (meaning to someone I ran into face-to-face) plus a lady who knew we had ordered a reprint had told me she wanted 3 copies and she came down to the house this past Monday to pick up her books I had on hold here for her.

In addition to those five books sold, I received 3 checks yesterday in the mail to send a cookbook to each individual sending their payment to us so after I ship them out today, that will be 8 cookbooks sold.

And, I also have an order sheet sitting here on my desk with the names of others who want any where from 1 to as high as 6 of these books which comes to a total of 21 requests I will be filling soon -whenever I get their checks in the mail, the books will go out the next day to those folks!

The only thing about the book that changed with our re-order is the price. Originally, we sold these books for $12.00 each but the publisher had a huge, across the board increase in their prices back in June and with those increases, we were forced to increase the selling price then of our cookbook. However, trust me, it is well worth the $14.00 we are now charging for it!

If anyone would like to order a copy of this cookbook -which also includes a very brief history of our Church as well as honoring via old photos we were able to find, many of the women who served our parish so long and so well in years past, you can order a copy by writing to me -or call me -or send a message via Facebook too.

Here's the details on how to reach me:

Jeni Hill Ertmer
1607 Cooper Ave, Box 154
Grassflat, PA 16839
814.345.6530 - or Jeni Hill Ertmer (on Facebook)

I'd be more than happy to process any orders for this item. If you contact me, I can then give you particulars on the amount of postage needed for us to ship a copy -or multiple copies if desired.

It does make for a useful addition to any kitchen and also, makes for a great gift for Christmas, birthdays, weddings, showers -you name it! It definitely would come in handy to have a cookbook with so many of the old traditional foods from Sweden as well as also featuring several recipes of the SLovak ethnicity as well! (All from some of the best cooks in our congregation!)

Hope you like the looks of our book and get inspired to order one or five our however many copies you'd like to receive!


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Maggie May said...

What a marvellous idea.
Our church did that once but not on such a grand scale as that.
Maggie X

Nuts in May