Saturday, September 15, 2012

Who's Who?

Last Saturday, as I was gathering up the things I needed to take over the the Elks Club in Clearfield -where my classmates and I were to gather that evening to celebrate our 50th Class Reunion -I hauled out -among other stuff -a photo poster board I had put together five years ago on the occasion then of our class's 45th Class Reunion.

When Maya saw me dragging it into the dining room, her interest level rose and she asked me "What's that thing, Gram?"

So I explained to her that it was all kinds of pictures of the people I had gone to school with -some pictures from back in our elementary school days, some from high school and even some from since high school that many of my classmates had been nice enough to respond to my request for pictures of themselves or other classmates for this project.

At first glance at the posterboard, Maya lost interest quickly saying "Oh, I don't know anyone on there."

Au contraire, my dear! Yes, actually you do know some people on there I told her and then had her look closer and see if she didn't see some people she knows.

That was a hard job for her to do though because she's not knowledgeable enough just yet to look for ways to tell if this picture of a little girl might be Grammy or maybe Kate or Rose, two of Grammy's good friends that Maya knows. So I decided I'd help her out a little bit and I pointed to a photo of my friend, Rose and her husband, Durvin, on their wedding day. Maya knows both of those folks plus neither Rose nor Durv has changed all that much in appearance over the years -other than one losing a little hair and the other, having a few streaks of gray that make for lovely accents!

When I showed her that photo and she studied it very closely -things registered with her that these were not current pictures and that she had to think about what people look like today and make the connection but she was able to do that and she then told me "Okay, that's Rose and Durb." (That was her mispronunciation of Durvin's nickname -being "Durv" not "Durb" as Maya had said it.

But anyway, I was pleased that she had figured that out so I told her to look at some other pictures and see who she could identify. Pretty soon she had spotted several other pictures of Rose plus quite a few of another classmate -my good friend (forever), Kate! She was on a roll then for a while but then, the fun for her petered out when she thought there was no one else on that board that she knew.

So I pointed to a photo at the bottom left hand corner -of a couple that she'd met exactly twice before and she took a look at that and immediately turned to tell me "That's Donna and that's Herbie!"

Boy, this kid is never gonna let me forget that slip-up I made the first time I took her with me down to the office of my classmate, Herb's fuel oil company when I had referred to him, jokingly, as "Herbie-Baby!" At least this time, she left of the "Baby" with his name though!

Here's some pictures of the photo posterboard so you can get an idea of what Maya had to look at!

And yes, a whole lot of work went into putting that masterpiece together but the reception it got at our 45th reunion was so good that my friends I was working with to put our 50th reunion together felt it deserved another viewing by the classmates.

See anyone you know on there?

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terri said...

Photo collages are always such a hit with a group who shares fond memories. We made a digital collage for Kacey's softball team so that we could print one for each of the players. Kacey keeps hers hanging on her bedroom wall and I think she even took it to college with her last year.