Saturday, September 15, 2012

It's Here!

This is going to be the shortest blog post I've ever written!

I just wanted to share one particular picture with you from my class reunion last Saturday.

This photo was taken by the husband of one of our classmates and he has also taken the group photo of our class at each and every one of our other reunions except for our 35th when for some odd reason, we didn't get a group photo.

But anyway, this picture arrived in the mail yesterday and I wanted to share it as soon as I could because I really liked this one of our class.

I'm not going to go into major identifications here -just first names only.
Starting with the bottom row, L-R: ME, Denny, Patsy, Claudia, Kate, Lori, Carol and Jean.
2nd row: Art, Joe, Nancy, Bernie, Betty, John and Ernie.
3rd Row: Susie and Mary.
4th Row: Cheryl and Rose
Back row: Charlie, Tom, Durv, Betty, Arlene, Doris, Herb, Harold and John.

Those of my class I talked to yesterday after they had received their copy of this photo too and I decided that we definitely have the best class ever in all respects -looks, brains and personality!

No conceit in our group at all, is there?


Dianne said...

thanks for sharing

Travis Cody said...

Definitely a nice looking group!

terri said...

Great picture! It will give you lasting memories of such a fun evening.

Suldog said...

It's a lovely group of humans, for sure. So glad you had a good time!