Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Flight of Time....

Time flies, doesn't it -especially when one is having fun. Or so goes another old adage of which I tend to quote a lot of those from time to time.

Well, once again, time sort of got away from me -fly right by and didn't even wave a hello! How about that for some nerve, huh?

I really wish I could explain what I have been so busy doing that I forget to write posts to my blog, forget to make phone calls I should make, forget I have appointments on certain days and then, make another appointment virtually for the same day, same time and not realize it until the last minute.

And people wonder then why I say I must truly be getting senile because on the surface, it sure doesn't look like I have all that much to do but yet -somehow -I keep managing to fall further and further behind!

Take this past weekend for an example!

Mandy and the kids took off Friday afternoon and went down to Lebanon, PA to visit with her best friend there. On Saturday, she and the kids visited another old family friend -Amie -and her little boy, Payton plus they managed to squeeze in a tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield and a stop at Hershey, PA as well before returning home Sunday evening.

So, that meant I had the house all to myself -nothing to do for anyone except for me, and the ability to do whatever I wanted to do -be it baking or cooking, sewing, embroidery, crochet, knitting or reading -all of which are some of my favorite things to do and all of which I'm often complaining because I don't have enough time to do any of these things anymore -or so it seems.

So what did I do most of the day Saturday?

I SLEPT! Yes, talk about a wasted day, I sure blew that one away big time just by napping every time I turned around -or so it seemed.

Did I get anything accomplished?

Well, around 11 p.m. Saturday night, since I had nothing to show for my day, I did manage then to sweep and then mop the kitchen and dining rooms floors anyway!

And it was kind of nice in that the floors actually stayed clean then too for about 18 hours until -of course -the family returned home. And even then, they stayed pretty clean then too until late Monday afternoon when I noticed a couple of spots on the tile but got them "spot-cleaned" then so as of tonight, the floors still are looking a little bit on the decent side anyway!

Last night though, after supper, I sat down in my lovely old recliner and before I knew what was happening to me, boom -I was out like a light, just like almost always seems to happen to me lately. Tonight, a rerun of last night except that my nap Monday night only lasted about 15-20 minutes whereas tonight, I slept for about 2 hours! And to add insult to injury, I had even taken a nap this morning after the kids left for school too!

What is it about this sleep thing that I just can't seem to get enough of it?

Ya know, sometimes I really do think my need for sleep, more and more and still more sleep, is my body getting itself conditioned now -early preparations maybe -for a really big long sleep coming towards me as I watch the time just whiz past me now!

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